August 2007

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So as we all know yesterday was Wednesday. Not normally an exciting day. Default to the Max in ever aspect until I started the journey home. I haven’t been sleep well all this week so I decided to take the trolley. Well since there was a Mariners day game that means traffic is screwed up […]

I think this is something every guy has done at one point or another. Not sure if the female side of the human world does this. But sometimes I have found myself doing some #1 action standing there and find myself flushing the toilet in mid stream then trying to finish my business before the […]

I am sure that this video has been passed around enough. But here it goes again America’s youth failing. I love those US Americans. See these are the people that will be voting in the next election. You get morons like this. Why the fuck did this idiot start talking about education in South Africa […]

I went to a wedding Saturday Evening and I noticed that every time my girlfriend complimented a woman on her necklace they would take their hand and cover that part of their chest. I thought it was a fluke with the 4 women she said that to. I tried it to some other woman and […]

Details of the event can be found here: Halo 3 Preview IMAX Event So last Tuesday I went to the Halo 3 Preview Event at the Seattle IMAX Theater located at the Pacific Science Center which is just up the hill from my work. It was a hell of a hike up the hill especially […]

Well lets take a look at what the media is trying to do to me. I have received this news bit 19 times now. Figured might as well write a blog about the whole thing since people seem to be warning me. Here are the links for those that care about such things. FBI Looking […]

As life moves along sometimes we get knocked down. To get up again you’ll never keep me down. *shakes head* Chumbawumba visits channeling through blog. So anyways where was I? Okay Sunday I wake up and do the shower, get dressed, wake up girlfriend and we hang out surfing the intertubes on my laptop. I […]

Here is the voicemail that was left on my phone from a 3rd party that got involved. I decided to post to get some feedback since well it’s Saturday and I thank you for taking time to read and listen it comes in at 4:11 which seems pretty long for a voicemail. Personally I haven’t […]

So I found this folder on my laptop called “Podcast Notes” when I was going through cleaning some stuff out and I found this song and I must say I got a good chuckle. I was trying to ponder what I was going to use it for. But I thought I would share this old […]