The Terror of Wednesday

So as we all know yesterday was Wednesday. Not normally an exciting day. Default to the Max in ever aspect until I started the journey home. I haven’t been sleep well all this week so I decided to take the trolley. Well since there was a Mariners day game that means traffic is screwed up everywhere until the end of time. So it was rather delayed which didn’t really matter to me much since I am usually waiting around at the ferry for 40 mins or so. The trolley stop is in the shade and has a nice breeze and rather quite. Unlike the ferry terminal filled with tourists thinking how great the water looks and the view. I see it every day twice a day I hope something new comes along to change it up a bit.

So the trolley comes about 15 mins late which is cool with me. I hop on and we leave and get dropped off at my normal stop. I look about half a block up and see a bunch of people in a bit of a crowd and so I go check out what is going on. Some dude is talking about the war and protesting and lights a newspaper of fire and starts to light his hair on fire and burn himself. He was probably a tourist.

I thought that my evening had reached a point of WTF capacity until I needed to go to the grocery store to get a roll of quarters and some laundry soap. I go get in line and there is a young female cashier and a customer makes a complaint about the price of cat canned catfood. Says it’s supposed to be on sale instead of 55 cents a can. The little bagger chick runs back and says they are 5 for $2.00. Geek brain began crunching oh that’s 40 cents a can savings of 15 cents he has 10 cans thats $4. That happens in less then a second. Brain child cashier can’t do this simple thought in her head. She was standing there in total confusion. So my mind began to ponder other ways to achieve this. Well 5 for $1.00 is 20 cents a can. Double that, simple.

I saw a quote that had me pondering. “Everyone is just as stupid as they were 20 years ago just TV and YouTube makes it easier to expose the stupid people.” Which had me thinking are people getting dumber? I think that most of my life I was in school dealing with “smart” people and people wanting to learn and had a drive. Now that I am out and about I am interacting with the world and all these other people that are not in that setup and getting more exposure to these idiots is driving me crazy. So I can see where I am thinking that the population is getting dumber.

That was the Intro to the movie Idiocracy. This movie is so brilliant. I heard about it listening to a podcast and decided to pick it up. Well I got it for a gift on my Birthday. It’s directed and written by the same guy that pumped out the movie Office Space. Now I know this is a movie and fiction. But I can really see this happening. These people pumping out kids in the redneck state of mind to raise another stupid kid and it’s just a never ending cycle that can’t figure out simple math at the grocery store. You can pretty much do any cashier math by knowing how to count to 10 but that seems to complicated anymore.

So the rest of the evening I did laundry and played the Call of Duty 4 Beta on XBOX 360 and talked to the girlfriend. This weekend we are kidnapping each other but I might be updating Twitter or Facebook. Hmm tomorrow is friday I wonder what my friday joke shall be. Not many people got last weeks.

echo ‘This is not a pipe.’ | cat -> /dev/tty

Ninja Karate Chop Ending!

Casual Observation – Toilet Race

I think this is something every guy has done at one point or another. Not sure if the female side of the human world does this. But sometimes I have found myself doing some #1 action standing there and find myself flushing the toilet in mid stream then trying to finish my business before the toilet is done with it’s business of swirling and draining.  It’s like a race you can have every time. Doesn’t really work so much on urinals.

Yes it’s probably a waste of water but hey you gotta make the bathroom interesting. Most people shower daily and the average shower time is 8 minutes from 1,000 random households surveyed. They also spend 35 minutes in the bathroom daily. I grabbed this info from a 1999 Bathroom Habits Survey, American Standards Poll of more then 1,000 U.S Residents.

Maybe this will be a movement to reduce the time from 35 minutes to something less.

Some food for thought for the end of the day.

“Calling Atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color.” – Don Hirschberg

South Carolina Gets an F for Everything

I am sure that this video has been passed around enough. But here it goes again America’s youth failing. I love those US Americans. See these are the people that will be voting in the next election. You get morons like this. Why the fuck did this idiot start talking about education in South Africa and Iraq?

Maybe I should give her some credit for being nervous. But I won’t because well I frankly don’t care. I wonder if she could find the US on a Map. Personally I hope her vagina never gets penetrated because I am sure she would buy the line about the guy not liking the condom so we will get her little retard offspring running around.

I wonder if her stupid mom that is living vicariously through her daughter thinks she is some brilliant brain child. If she was legal I might say she was attractive and that is all she has going for her. I am sorry but if I was on a date with her and she said something this stupid I would probably desire to leave her on a street corner in the middle of nowhere. I would probably take her home at that point and delete her number.

So America’s young citizens has failed yet again. I should start a list on American Youth Morons.

  1. Two Girls I gave a ride home to. Couldn’t tell the difference between right and left.
  2. Miss Teen South Carolina.
  3. To Be Determined

WTF is wrong with you America?

Casual Observation – A Series

I went to a wedding Saturday Evening and I noticed that every time my girlfriend complimented a woman on her necklace they would take their hand and cover that part of their chest. I thought it was a fluke with the 4 women she said that to. I tried it to some other woman and she did the same.

So logical thought began to kick in to try and figure out why this happens. The girlfriend didn’t know so what are your thoughts?

As with all research I tried searching google for “Woman Necklace Grabbing” and most were just meh. But this link had me thinking WTF.

Woman In a Wheelchair Shoots an Attacker 

Halo 3 Preview Event

Halo 3 Logo Seattle IMAX Preview Release Party

Details of the event can be found here: Halo 3 Preview IMAX Event

So last Tuesday I went to the Halo 3 Preview Event at the Seattle IMAX Theater located at the Pacific Science Center which is just up the hill from my work. It was a hell of a hike up the hill especially with my ankle still in pain but hey I managed.

The girlfriend wanted to come and I got my buddy Greg from work and his girlfriend to go as well. I didn’t figure there would be a huge line for this so when I got up to Seattle Center I just sat at the fountain. But after about an hour or so I walked over to check out the happenings and noticed there was already a line. So being there solo I got in line and found myself standing next to some folks that were a great deal geekier then I. But we all found a common bond over Nintendo DS Wireless and I played some dancing game with some girl while standing in line. It was all in Japanese and made no sense to me. But I figured I better stop before her older brother of 15 tried to start something with me.

Shortly afterwards Greg and his new girlfriend decided to arrive and I finally have some company. So pretty much from this point on until 9pm is just witty banter about anything and everything. I did get to brag a bit about how I scored George Carlin tickets. =)

So 9pm rolls around and I am pondering where Raleigh is since she hasn’t arrived. So I give her a ring and she is at the store getting drinks. I must give her some props on the amazingly awesome factor of coolness. I really like her.

So she comes walking up as we just start going in. She gets the bonus of being 50th or so in line with us and not having to wait. I wish I could be so lucky ;-).

So we pretty much go from waiting outside to going to wait inside where it is hot. I must say anything over 70F is just to hot. I guess it was from that working in the freezer and walking to work in the cold before that got me spoiled with the coldness.

So it was rather amusing that Me and Raleigh and Greg and his Woman were the only dudes in line with what appeared to be girlfriends. Most of the other females were mothers of kids that wanted to go.

So Halo 3 looks amazing. XBOX 360 action on September 25th. If you want to be my XBOX friend my GamerTag is TristanP I thought it was pretty creative.

We got to see the COOP functions which was awesome. The level modification system and the replay theater. That was amazing with what you can do with that functionality. I give the game a definite buy. I have mine preorded so I can go pick it up after work on the 25th. Then we get George Carlin a few days later.

This weekend I am going to a wedding with the girlfriend. Next weekend we are kidnapping each other to go to a secret location. Last weekend she got to meet the family that went well. I will get to meet hers tomorrow as it seems. Good Times Indeed.

Leave me some Love in the Comments. I am working on the next podcast I need some calls. Voicemail Line is located below. Voicemail Line

Comments and E-mail are always appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend everybody. Especially you that read this far.

Holy Shit I am Going to Die!

Well lets take a look at what the media is trying to do to me. I have received this news bit 19 times now. Figured might as well write a blog about the whole thing since people seem to be warning me.

Here are the links for those that care about such things.

FBI Looking For People Wanting Information about the Ferries – KOMO 4 News

FBI Looking for Terrorists – FOX NEWS

FBI Looking for Some People who Like to Take Voyages Over Water – KIRO 7

So lets be clear I take the ferry Monday – Friday I am on the 6:20 am out of Bainbridge and the 6:20pm Ferry out of Seattle. Makes for a long work day since commuting is like a part time job. My usual ferry routine is get on the ferry put on the iPod Ear Buds and pass out. I really don’t care about much else. Tourists and their contributions of society that came from the genetial regions are usually running amok on the ferry creating a great deal of noise that I really would be a great deal happier not having to hear. I have seen the view from the ferry 10 times a week it’s really not a marvel to me anymore.

So with this link I am reading that 2 people that look middle eastern have been riding ferries and asking questions about them. Oh no! They Must be Terrorist! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! SAVE US NOW! I had been wondering what has been going on when we have armed coast guard people riding the boats and coast guard ships following the ferry on it’s 8 or so mile journey across puget sound. These guys on the boat are usually walking in circles probably trying to find the girl with the hottest cleavage. So they get on the ferry and ask how it works. I have pondered many times how the ferry works. If I painted my skin a certain color and asked the question I am sure I would end up all over the news. Lets hope I was wearing a T-Shirt so I can tell the media to go fuck themselves.

I think if they were to blow up a ferry it would just piss everyone off that takes it everyday. One time they decided to cancel the 5:30pm boat out of Seattle so we all got packed onto the 6:20pm boat. You really don’t want to piss off a bunch of commuters. Plus you are in the middle of puget sound there are tons of boats everywhere that would probably be willing to rescue you.

Life is to short to really give a shit about this kinda crap. I live in no fear of terrorists or an attack or any such thing. It is a waste of precious life to worry about such things. You are going to die just live everyone else stop trying to change it. Stop racial profiliing not everyone with skin different then yours is going to harm or kill you. The ones that do well they will get all the free health care and pampering in Cuba next to the communists since communists are also so scary. Why is everyone afraid of everyone else now days.

Fuck you people who want to sell adverts and raise campaign money by keeping these low grade morons in fear. If you walk around in constant fear I seriously hope you get a Heart Attack walking down the street from all the stress you have living in fear and then a bunch of people you fear rob your dead body and society will further itself along without you adding stupid genes to the gene pool.

The gene pool does need some chlorine every now and then as I read on some random quotes site.

Ankle of Doom

As life moves along sometimes we get knocked down. To get up again you’ll never keep me down.

*shakes head*

Chumbawumba visits channeling through blog.

So anyways where was I? Okay Sunday I wake up and do the shower, get dressed, wake up girlfriend and we hang out surfing the intertubes on my laptop. I may convert her to Mac soon enough. But the night before I had done something I haven’t done with anyone. Took the girlfriend to meet the parents. That went incredibly well. I still need to meet her mom and I am looking forward to it but kinda worried but people always seem to enjoy me. Like you! Coming back all the time to read the personal blog of a guy in Seattle who has a slightly big ego.

So back to Sunday. Walking down the stairs and around the apartment complex I get to walk underneath the place to get into the parking structure. I slip and twist my ankle. I look at my leg and realize that is going to hurt in about 5 seconds. The girlfriend says “Are you okay?” I say I am good and stand up and then the pain hits. She got so inspired by the humor in this situation she drew a comic of it on a napkin at brunch.

Tristan Pipo falls down and hurts his ankle

You get to read it from the top left to the top right then bottom right to bottom left. It was drawn on a napkin and has been in my pocket.

So she is laughing and I am wanting to laugh but the pain is like only getting me to go “Ha” and she is going “Ha*(A Large Amount)” So she is wanting to drive but since it’s my left ankle I am like I can drive So we go have brunch and tell this story every chance we get. I skipped work on Monday because I was still in pain and couldn’t walk the 2.136 miles to work and back. So I went to the doctor and pretty much got told well ice, elevate, rest and take advil was the best practice. I did get him to look at my hand and he gave me an Rx for some ointment of sorts. I still need to try it out.

This blog started off earlier today as my experiences with having a girlfriend and the toilet seat debate. But I will save that for another day.

Lunch is over time to get back to work. =)

The Friends Debate part 3

Here is the voicemail that was left on my phone from a 3rd party that got involved. I decided to post to get some feedback since well it’s Saturday and I thank you for taking time to read and listen it comes in at 4:11 which seems pretty long for a voicemail.

Personally I haven’t really spoken much with Ollie or hung out with him since he told me I was making the worst decision of my life to work at a job I love and enjoy and that I don’t know how to do research and telling me to “Fuck Off” because I was telling people that the bullshit of Quixtar wasn’t going anywhere.

So from my understanding is Ally called Ollie and Ollie called me at 11:47pm on a Sunday night and left this voicemail that had me going WTF since he clearly has no idea what he is trying to say and presents it in a poor fashion. So Ally and Preston are upset at me and they don’t have the respect to discuss it with me they choose to tell everyone else about it?

Also $100 is not a lot of money. I can see where it would be to Ollie since what has been passed along to me was that he had to leave his mom’s house that he was living with to move in with some women in his “business” with a kid to live with and he is having trouble finding landscaping jobs because amazing quixtar is not getting him rich quick enough. Gotta love pyramid schemes.  Best of luck to him in that regard.

But feedback is appreciated on this one.

Digging Through Folders

So I found this folder on my laptop called “Podcast Notes” when I was going through cleaning some stuff out and I found this song and I must say I got a good chuckle. I was trying to ponder what I was going to use it for. But I thought I would share this old treasure I guess.

I am a folder when it comes to that matter. Hope everyone is having a good week now that hump day is over. We have the hell that is Thursday and then the beer consuming of Friday.

It’s 10:40pm here on the left coast I am off to bed.