Buying a Fedora

Man blogs have really been lacking and I do apologize but life has been so busy. You figured it’s summer time. You are supposed to kick back and relax but seems like everyone in America forgot how to do that. Or maybe I saw Sicko and saw what France gets to deal with got jealous and everything is just like stressing me out because everyone is making mountains out of molehills.

So today I was pondering how awesome I can be sometimes. Then I was pondering what could raise my awesome factor to a status never before achieved. I was thinking a fedora could get me there. So I started on a google hunt and found this link.

Fedora Hat for Tristan Pipo

So I need to get a measuring tape and find out how big my head really is. It’s not something I really thought I would ever need until now. But who knows. I started this blog at 11:30am PDT and didn’t get around to this sentence until 3:05pm. Today has been so crazy.

I just feel like energy today has been so out of focus I have no idea what is going on. Things with the girlfriend are going well. That smile of hers seems to get me every time. For some reason I feel useful when I walk down to the ferry to meet her and carry her bag for her. I like the smile I see on her face when she sees me walking down to meet her. I bought her a ferry pass.

My roommate is moving out at the end of september so if anyone needs a room let me know. I am thinking about moving to the Seattle side of the water this coming March but still on the debate on that issue. Hope everyone is well. Shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment let me know what’s up.

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