A Friends Debate

There are so many different places you could go with a title like that. So here is what I would like to talk about yesterday afternoon I get a text message that said.

“Hey buddy. What are you doing this sunday? Allys dad needs some help moving some books and a TV from her moms house in suquamish and he will pay you. Shouldnt take more than two hours”

I get this text message out of nowhere. This is from the groom in wedding I was a groomsmen in. I have tried to contact him a few times after the wedding and have not heard anything back from my text messages or voicemails. So with that in mind I started to ponder my response.

Natural thought process has taken me down a few routes.  I first thought of the wonderful quote from Jay Leno.

“Go through your phone book, call people and ask them to drive you to the airport. The ones who will drive you are your true friends. The rest aren’t bad people; they’re just acquaintances.” -Jay Leno

So I got to pondering would Preston drive me to the airport if I needed such a favor. Well the fact he doesn’t have a drivers license or a car was pretty much a “No”

Which got me thinking if I sent him a text message out of nowhere asking him to help my girlfriends mom move some stuff would he do it? I highly doubt it.

Usually when someone asks a favor of me I generally require a bit of small talk. A Hey how are you. How’s the  whatever. But I got no such small talk which automatically moves it down to lower on the scale that I care about. So I consulted my coworkers for their wisdom and presented situation. They all said “Don’t do It”

So I pretty much had 3 strikes against the whole idea. The further thought began to cross my mind is that Ollie my “friend” that called me a fucking moron and I was throwing my life away for not joining him on his Quixtar Pyramid scheme had his cell phone shut off again and Preston could not get a hold of him because Ollie needs the money more then I do so I got hit up because I am still in the area.

Sunday is usually my chill day usually go hang with the guys after I drop the lovely girlfriend off at the ferry dock. Or I go have dinner with my parents. I try to see them once a week.

I am not really big on expecting a favor in return from people I never get to see except when it’s best for them. Which seems to be hardly these days.

So blogging world what are your thoughts on the matter? How should I respond? Would you do this favor?

For those that care.

Air Hockey Score: Tristan – 95 / Greg – 81