Cell Phone Food For Thought

Looking over my most recent cell phone bill I was a bit shocked in how my habits in using the phone have changed. Here was my usage for last month.

  • Peak Minutes Used91
  • Night and Weekend Minutes 883
  • Mobile to Mobile Calling42
  • Text Messages2128

So I was looking through this and I have 1500 Peek Minutes. Unlimited Nights and Weekends from 7am-7pm. Unlimited Mobile to Mobile and Unlimited Text. I am interested to see how much data I was using even though I have unlimited data as well. Since I switched to unlimited text. The minutes I have used in my plan has gone down.

So today is Monday. This is my 912th blog post since I started blogging I was hoping to be to 1000 blog posts by September 13th but I highly doubt I can pull that off unless I start posting a bunch of crap but that is every blog anyways. Twitter posts when I posted this I was at 815 since January when I signed up for that addiction when I heard about it. Good times indeed.

A Friends Debate part 2

I was going to do this whole thing because this has become a rather large drama since I got a phone call from someone that wasn’t involved saying I was negative and rude about the situation.

Fact of the matter is offering money isn’t a favor. I felt that I deserved a phone call in the least. The Ally seems to be upset with me so she goes talking to people that were not involved because she doesn’t seem to be mature enough to speak with me directly about it.

I have made my peace with it all. Though posting the voicemail that was left on my cell phone would be rather embarrassing to Ollie since he is so into his “business” and having a little google swing power would be rather fun to give some negative vibe out there. But maybe another day.

If you can’t deal with who I am and how I go about life well that really seems to be your issue. I don’t sugarcoat anything really. I am rather blunt about everything and my honesty has moved me further then anything. So to Ollie, Preston and Ally when you are ready to be adults and speak to me directly I am all for it. Until then best of luck growing up.