The Terror of Wednesday

So as we all know yesterday was Wednesday. Not normally an exciting day. Default to the Max in ever aspect until I started the journey home. I haven’t been sleep well all this week so I decided to take the trolley. Well since there was a Mariners day game that means traffic is screwed up everywhere until the end of time. So it was rather delayed which didn’t really matter to me much since I am usually waiting around at the ferry for 40 mins or so. The trolley stop is in the shade and has a nice breeze and rather quite. Unlike the ferry terminal filled with tourists thinking how great the water looks and the view. I see it every day twice a day I hope something new comes along to change it up a bit.

So the trolley comes about 15 mins late which is cool with me. I hop on and we leave and get dropped off at my normal stop. I look about half a block up and see a bunch of people in a bit of a crowd and so I go check out what is going on. Some dude is talking about the war and protesting and lights a newspaper of fire and starts to light his hair on fire and burn himself. He was probably a tourist.

I thought that my evening had reached a point of WTF capacity until I needed to go to the grocery store to get a roll of quarters and some laundry soap. I go get in line and there is a young female cashier and a customer makes a complaint about the price of cat canned catfood. Says it’s supposed to be on sale instead of 55 cents a can. The little bagger chick runs back and says they are 5 for $2.00. Geek brain began crunching oh that’s 40 cents a can savings of 15 cents he has 10 cans thats $4. That happens in less then a second. Brain child cashier can’t do this simple thought in her head. She was standing there in total confusion. So my mind began to ponder other ways to achieve this. Well 5 for $1.00 is 20 cents a can. Double that, simple.

I saw a quote that had me pondering. “Everyone is just as stupid as they were 20 years ago just TV and YouTube makes it easier to expose the stupid people.” Which had me thinking are people getting dumber? I think that most of my life I was in school dealing with “smart” people and people wanting to learn and had a drive. Now that I am out and about I am interacting with the world and all these other people that are not in that setup and getting more exposure to these idiots is driving me crazy. So I can see where I am thinking that the population is getting dumber.

That was the Intro to the movie Idiocracy. This movie is so brilliant. I heard about it listening to a podcast and decided to pick it up. Well I got it for a gift on my Birthday. It’s directed and written by the same guy that pumped out the movie Office Space. Now I know this is a movie and fiction. But I can really see this happening. These people pumping out kids in the redneck state of mind to raise another stupid kid and it’s just a never ending cycle that can’t figure out simple math at the grocery store. You can pretty much do any cashier math by knowing how to count to 10 but that seems to complicated anymore.

So the rest of the evening I did laundry and played the Call of Duty 4 Beta on XBOX 360 and talked to the girlfriend. This weekend we are kidnapping each other but I might be updating Twitter or Facebook. Hmm tomorrow is friday I wonder what my friday joke shall be. Not many people got last weeks.

echo ‘This is not a pipe.’ | cat -> /dev/tty

Ninja Karate Chop Ending!

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