August 2007

Looking over my most recent cell phone bill I was a bit shocked in how my habits in using the phone have changed. Here was my usage for last month. Peak Minutes Used – 91 Night and Weekend Minutes – 883 Mobile to Mobile Calling – 42 Text Messages – 2128 So I was looking […]

I was going to do this whole thing because this has become a rather large drama since I got a phone call from someone that wasn’t involved saying I was negative and rude about the situation. Fact of the matter is offering money isn’t a favor. I felt that I deserved a phone call in […]

So as part of my normal day I always check out KomoTV News most of the time to find stupid things Oregon is doing and send it to Junniper and be like what is going on down there. She usually sends me some mocking e-mail back but today I saw this gem on my current […]

This is a quickie blog post but figured I should document this story for the ages. Last night I went and had pizza with my buddy Jason. Always interesting to hear what is going on in the world of people I don’t get to talk to all that much. So I have pizza and then […]

If you feel so inclined and care to have this on your site as well check out I love how they have a total of how many people try to hotlink the image. Gotta love morons who don’t read instructions.

There are so many different places you could go with a title like that. So here is what I would like to talk about yesterday afternoon I get a text message that said. “Hey buddy. What are you doing this sunday? Allys dad needs some help moving some books and a TV from her moms […]

Man blogs have really been lacking and I do apologize but life has been so busy. You figured it’s summer time. You are supposed to kick back and relax but seems like everyone in America forgot how to do that. Or maybe I saw Sicko and saw what France gets to deal with got jealous […]