Tonight I Go See – George Carlin at Benaroya Hall – 8pm

George Carlin on Religon
I have been a George Carlin fan ever since I was a little kid when I found the “Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say Album” My mom got me started at a young age. I am very very excited to go enjoy an evening with someone I have admired for as long as I can recall.

What is not to like about the guy? Atheist, Funny and Blunt. Hey everything that I consider myself to be. =) Enjoy some YouTube clips if you have never heard of the man.

The Show starts at 8pm in Downtown Seattle at Benaroya Hall

George Carlin – Life is Worth Losing

I Totally Spaced – 4 Years of Blogging

I was sitting on the ferry before I passed out for my ferry ride nap and I got to thinking.

I missed the Happy 4 Years of Blogging Post. I haven’t hit 1000 posts yet that I planned on but life kinda seems to throw you a curve ball now and then in that respect.

It’s odd to look at the style of blogging that I started off with in September 2003 when I started on Blogger now I have a domain name and running on WordPress. I haven’t updated to v2.3 yet and been working on a new version of this site but everything is in the works.

I went from living in Indiana to Coming back to Seattle. Finishing School getting a job and finding out myself. I have seen friends come and go and people change in all sorts of ways. I ponder how many pages this blog would be if it were printed out in a book.

I really regret not having more time to Podcast and speak with my voice instead of just text on a website but I can hash out a blog post in a few minutes where as a Podcast takes a few hours.

But I looked in the fridge and found a Corona to toast with. Happy 4 years of Blogging. Many Thanks and Hugs go out to my loyal readers and I thank you so much for adding your feedback and sending e-mail and just being part of this crazy thing that is my life in a digital form for you to comment and just add what you feel is necessary.

Since Dave has been banned the stalker factor has gone down a bit. But it seems to be a good decision. So I must say Thank You. This has been a labor of love and I hope it will continue to be as my 20’s reach a midpoint and life moves on from there.

-Tristan Pipo

I want to ride the “SLUT”

Occasionally a good news article comes across my screen and today this is no exception I will try to keep the references to SLUT’s down to a min.

The Seattle PI brings us this link today.


So this is what we are going to call the South Lake Union Trolley. I for one welcome any Slut to the neighborhood for tourists to give it a good ride around the block. Really grind it in there hard.

I am sure after a couple dozen rides it will get a little loose on the lower half. But I am sure many construction workers would like to get in their and grind it down further and clean it up a bit.

Anyways funny name, Will save people time. I am all for it. Go hop on the Seattle SLUT for a Good old Time.

Post #925 – Labor Day Weekend was So Delta

Tristan thinks George Bush is an Idiot

I figured that would be a good way to start off a blog post. So what are we talking about that could possibly relate to that picture. Well on a side note Raleigh has a magnetic bumper sticker on her vehicle that says “WTF?” with a picture of George Bush. We were driving off the ferry and some woman in her car thought it was brilliant.

So lets kick off the 3 day weekend description fun time of awesome. So Friday I took a half day at work because I had a doctors appointment to get my ankle looked at again which seems to be totally fine but the doctor wanted to schedule a follow up. So Raleigh picked me up at work and we went and had some Kidd Valley Action.

The thing that always cracks me up about Kidd Valley are the to go bags. It says “13 Nationwide Locations” it has a map of the USA on the bag and all the locations are in Washington. I have no idea why such a stupid thing amuses me but hey what can you do.

So let me turbo through the rest of Friday with some short summary words.

Ferry, Apartment, Packing, Driving, Wal-Mart, Cruising, Bridge, Woods, Mountains, Arrival.

So we arrive at the Hotel and we make ourselves at home. My only major gripe about this place was no elevator. Because we were on the top floor I had to carry all the bags which was 4 bags. Which anything I throw over my shoulder I like to call a Satchel. If I were to ever make a movie I would be sure to include a fight scene.

Thug 1: Looks like you won’t be serving up your goods on this side of town anymore.
Me: Well is that so. Well you can tell your boss to send a body bag.
[Flips around laptop satchel 17” Powerbook in the satchel dents the thugs face]
Me: Looks like this satchel fucked you up. Mac’s is there anything they can’t do?

Man that would be so freaking awesome. But anyways got into the room and me and Raleigh were just kinda relaxing and the hotel had free WiFi so I busted out the laptop and she did her thing of checking e-mail and all that jazz. I just whip out my phone and email is checked. Usually my phone says “e-mail 154 SMS 10-60 and Voicemails 0”

So usually when I connect to an open wifi I usually see what is open or if I can hop on other peoples laptops. But nobody was really using anything on the wifi network so I tried to connect to their router and amazingly the router still had the default password. So I hopped on there changed the password and started to work some magic. The first thing to do was block myspace. I put up a lovely message saying something like “Hey Loser Kids, Myspace sucks get Facebook” but then Raleigh wanted to check myspace and I had to take that down. So I figured I would probably want to track what these people are doing and I setup the router to use OpenDNS which you can do as well if you go to So after monitoring what this hotel has been doing the top 3 domains that they hit are.


Facebook did seem to be getting some more hits then myspace. But anyways because I am tracking this hotel wasn’t the point of the vacation but Raleigh seemed to be impressed by this idea. Or maybe she was just working me over. Either way she was smiling and I was happy that I was impressing her.

So after we enjoyed some time seeing what the Hotel had to offer. On a side note after spending all that time sleeping in a King Size bed I feel some regret about buying this Queen Bed last March. But I must say live and learn.

So we decided to see what Sequim had to offer two 24 year olds. Driving up and down the strip we found an Applebees your neighborhood bar and grill. We walk in and I have never seen an Applebees this packed. Full of these old people and families. Normally where I live I walk into an Applebees and there is usually people my age having a gay old time. So they find us a seat and I must say that this place fell way below par because they were out of any decent beer. After we get done there Me and Raleigh went to the local Wal-Mart. For some reason we always seem to go explore Wal-Mart late at night.

I ended up purchasing a new pair of pants, a new shirt and Brain Age 2 for my Nintendo DS. I must say that this game had a bit of a learning curve. I suck at the Piano game but some how ended up with a Brain Age of 29 at the moment. My first was like 70 or 80. Me and Raleigh really enjoy playing Brain Age for some reason.

So after Wal-Mart I was craving a Dairy Queen Dipped Cone. These things are freaking awesome. McDonalds has them as well but I usually try to boycott that place. But a dipped cone is always awesome. So after that lovely cone seeking adventure we head back to the Hotel and then Friday ends and Saturday Begins.

Okay Saturday wake up and all that is involved. And we drive up to Hurricane Ridge. I will post the pictures of that on my Flickr Account. Since it’s easier for them to manage all that then me to go around and add all the links and comments all over again.

Me and Raleigh spent a good two hours up there. The deer seemed to be like we are here. Take our picture. I hope animals are constantly mocking how stupid humans are. Sometimes I hope if there is a next life I come back as a bear. I would camp out near a trail and just eat hikers.

After Hurricane Ridge I took Raleigh out to lake crescent. Lake Crescent was pretty cool. It was interesting seeing Raleigh have a good time taking pictures of her SUV in all kinds of wooded locations. A few weekends ago we might remember that I tripped and screwed up my ankle. My normal act is to just hope down rock faces and that kinda 9 year old boy thing. But I was getting told not to do such things because well I am rather clumsy and don’t want to screw and fuck up any body parts again so I just tried to be careful. Nothing happened so life is good.

{it doesn’t matter where we are, Tristan will trip, bang, knock and tumble.  Im thrilled to have met someone clumsier than me!}

We just kinda explored the different spots along 101 that all the tourists do since it was all new Raleigh and anything to take off the shrink wrapping of Washington for people. So after we spent all day out we went back to Sequim and had a late lunch and then went to the Hotel.

At the Hotel we decided to venture down to the pool and acted like 11 year olds. (Hey I can’t help that throwing a ball across the pool and dunking each other is a good time =) )

We then decided to go check out the Casino see if they had anything exciting going on down there. When we were driving down to the Casino there was this billboard that said they had a Steak Dinner for $6.95 which had me excited because well what Red Blooded American Male doesn’t like a good steak. When we get into the Casino we were going to do some dancing but it turns out the wanted $25 to go dancing. Every other Casino they usually have a free club and scene and charge you for drinks. But that wasn’t the case here since Sequim isn’t really much of a young persons town. It’s more of an area for camping. But the thought never occurred to me to go find a campfire to go chill at. So it rolls around to 11pm and I am starving and so is the beautiful Raleigh. So we go check out the restaurant at the Casino and we get the dinner menu but since 11pm ticket over they snatch the Dinner menu away from us and give us the lunch menu. Man I wanted that chicken cordon blue so instead I get the chicken friend chicken which was good but not really what I wanted. Raleigh had some Asian Chicken Salad thing that I really thought was pretty tasty. That Wasabi dressing was awesome. So after that we pretty much ninja sneak out of there.

Sunday morning we lazily get out of bed and decide to check out the local costco.  On a Sunday morning, not to mention the day before a holiday, a Seattle costco is insane.  However in Sequim, Costco is almost like a business you hope can survive because there were so few people there.  After a delicious costco lunch, we headed to dungeness spit.  A few quick photos and we were on our way back to Tristan’s.  We ended up taking a nap and basking in the warm afternoon sun.  Nick and Audrey called to see what we were up to, so we headed on over to The Olive Garden for a fabulous meal with friends.  Now Olive Garden you can’t go wrong with the Chicken Scampi. Raleigh had some noodle thing but for me you can’t beat the Chicken Scampi I never order anything else. It’s heaven. It’s amazing. After the Olive Garden showdown of wits with Nick and Audrey.  We went to a late night showing of Hairspray which we both enjoyed.  Now Hairspray is a musical and being of male origin I ponder why I like this film. It’s enjoyable in pretty much every fashion.  John Travolta gave Raleigh the creeps as a woman, but overall he really pulled it off.

Overall weekend rating A+. Next Mini Vacation is in the Works.

This is a Raleigh and Tristan Blog Post. =)

A Day of Ending

No More Dave.

These 3 lines in an apache configuration file will prevent Dave unless he comes in via proxy.

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

I got tired of changing his name and marking his comments. You can find him at if you desire.

The Nerd Test says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

Probably the most interesting fact from this test.

34.6% of all test takers would choose the Internet over sex, and
28.3% of married test takers prefer the Internet over sex.

I am wondering if anyone that knows me that takes a minute to look at the results expected anything different.

Updates of the Misc & Shoot Em Up Review

Been a while since I have provided any kind of real update so here is a real update.

I have been working on typing up last weekends post for labor day. It’s going to be my first coauthored blog with Raleigh. So we shall see how that goes. Seems like I have just been studying and working lately. I thought I would have been done studying when I finished college.

I update twitter at least daily if not more since they send me a text message saying I haven’t updated. Tonight I am going to have dinner with Raleigh and her Mom. Not sure what else I am doing. Last night I went to go see Shoot Em Up. This movie is just over the top hilarious. If I hadn’t have read the reviews and not expecting what the film was all about I would have probably hated it. But it turned out to be incredibly amazing. It was laugh out loud funny but you felt kinda sick and twisted for laughing at a guy falling into helicopter blades.

So I say go check out a Matinee. Not a good date film. It’s just way over the top so expect that if you go see it. I give it the Tristan Approval. If you don’t know this type of over the top cheesy action genre you will not like this film. If you approach it with this is meant to entertain you will enjoy it. Great deal of violence. All the women in the movie are working girls so expect a sexist viewpoint.

I give it a 7 out of 10.