September 2007

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Avast me Matees! Today Be National Talk Like a Pirate Day! So Randomly scream Yarr at your friendly people down the street. They will love you forever for it.Talk Like a Pirate.comBest Ye Be Walking Ye Plank Next September 19th! Yarrr! And here is a picture for Raleigh. =)

Occasionally a good news article comes across my screen and today this is no exception I will try to keep the references to SLUT’s down to a min. The Seattle PI brings us this link today. So this is what we are going to call the South Lake Union Trolley. I for one welcome […]

On a totally different note I installed some new filter technology to ban users. So I banned a couple of SPAM bot addresses and Dave. So far Dave has been rejected 32 times and the Spam Bot 16. Ugh Today has not started off in a pleasant fashion. On a totally side issue. Google Docs […]

No More Dave. These 3 lines in an apache configuration file will prevent Dave unless he comes in via proxy. order allow,denydeny from from all I got tired of changing his name and marking his comments. You can find him at if you desire.

Probably the most interesting fact from this test. 34.6% of all test takers would choose the Internet over sex, and28.3% of married test takers prefer the Internet over sex. I am wondering if anyone that knows me that takes a minute to look at the results expected anything different.

Been a while since I have provided any kind of real update so here is a real update. I have been working on typing up last weekends post for labor day. It’s going to be my first coauthored blog with Raleigh. So we shall see how that goes. Seems like I have just been studying […]

I think 80% of the drivers in Washington suck at merging. 95% of them suck at driving the speed limit. I wish you could just vaporize cars that fail leaving the drivers wondering what the fuck happened. That is all.