October 2007

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I was thinking that I type ever single blog. I figured I might as well grab a yellow pad and write something. Here is the link to the PDF for those that prefer that kinda thing. Everyone loves a good PDF down by the old watering hole. I guess I should write an update on […]

September 30th 2007 – Women hit by Train After Wheelchair gets Stuck So this one had me laughing on the inside. Some woman in her wheelchair trying to cross the train tracks gets stuck and gets hit by train. Now this had me wondering a few things. How long was she stuck for that nobody […]

It’s always nice to start off a blog post with something that looks sexy. Gets peoples attention so that they might want to read more. It’s been a long week. I am excited for work to be over. The cool weather is here and sanity is returning. Though somehow this summer seemed a great deal […]

I find myself many mornings hanging out with my girlfriend in bed and I watch how she surfs the web and how I surf the web. So I thought I would offer a few friendly tips on how to save some time while surfing the web. If you try to apply this to a site […]

It’s been an interesting few weeks but most of the time stuff has been happening that I really don’t have much desire to share with the world. So I thought I would open up an idea for my next blog post a question and answer section. So if you have a question about anything about […]