Question Time – Answer Time Coming Later

It’s been an interesting few weeks but most of the time stuff has been happening that I really don’t have much desire to share with the world. So I thought I would open up an idea for my next blog post a question and answer section. So if you have a question about anything about really anything I will take a stab at answering it.

You can ask your questions via comments on this blog post. You could also send me an e-mail via the Contact Form on the right hand side of the page there. You can shoot me an e-mail Or if you are feeling extra awesome you can call the voicemail line 206-973-7886 and I will do this in an audio fashion if I get enough comments and e-mail about this topic.

Feel free to ask away.

Update #1: Well after almost 24hrs I have only received one question.  “What is the best way to grow potatoes near a volcano” I had to bust out my head scratching hand for that one. But continue sending in questions. Or at least start. 😉

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