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So blog updates have been few and far between. Have I died? Have I lost the urge? Nah life has just came around and blogging isn’t priority #1 so much anymore. I enjoy it and always working on some scheme to get things updated and easy to use. So I guess what have I been doing lately.

Well Halo 3 came out on September 25th and I find myself playing a great deal of that during the week. If you want to hop on and say WTF?! You Suck. Well come find me on XBOX live.

So I guess I haven’t done a weekend update in a while so lets kick one off for no particular reason.

Friday – So Friday was a rather nice Seattle day. A few weekends ago I had given Raleigh a key to my place and she wanted to head over there when I was at work. That evening we were supposed to go have dinner with my Great Aunt and Uncle who were in town from Chicago so I got off work an hour early. But the ferry was delayed nearly an hour and that wasn’t exactly a smart plan since I only saved approx 10 mins going home. I left a card of sweet nothings on my coffee table with my car keys and Raleigh met me at the ferry.  Then we went back to my place to pick up a new shirt and head out to dinner. Nothing real exciting to report on that front.

Saturday – Slept in a while and then went and had Break-unch. Then we went and did some shopping and picked up some things and then we hit up a corn maze. The crew that arrived were Nick, Audrey, Gerene, Justin, Abbey, Jon, Sean, Sean’s Friend, Raleigh and the coolest guy ever( Tristan). It took us about an hour to get through the Maze. Then we went to dinner at Red Robin. It seems like most restaurants in this area blow. But I had a Banzai Burger and life was good.  We had to ditch out of dinner fairly early to go catch a movie at the old movie theater on Bainbridge called the Lynnwood Theater. They play Indie Films and Documentaries. We caught the 9:30 showing of In the Shadow of the Moon. I am a total Nasa and Apollo fan and dig this kinda thing.

So the movie overall was great I was slightly tired and had a few nod offs that resulted in getting elbowed in the stomach from Raleigh. I ponder if it was a “You took me to this film you are going to stay awake for it” But I would recommend it if you are interested in this kinda thing. I would recommend a rental. Since I doubt it’s playing in many theaters in your vicinity.

After that we just went home and passed out.

Sunday –  Well Sunday was an interesting day. Walked around downtown Winslow for a bit found some breakfast and came home. Hung up some pictures and cleaned a bit. Raleigh cooked an early dinner that was awesome. For some reason sitting in my computer chair watching her cook is just a blast. I wish I could have helped more but spending time with Raleigh is one of those things I enjoy more then anything. It is always hard to drop her off at the ferry even though I know I will be seeing her again soon. After I dropped her off I went to my parents house for dinner #2 and watched Field of Dreams. Came home played Halo 3 a bit and then passed out.

Monday begins and here I am saying thanks for reading. Heroes tonight. Boys Night. Hugs to everyone and I need some coffee to wake up. It’s 12:30 and I am still beat for some reason.

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