It’s Friday

Hot Chick in the Shower for No Reason

It’s always nice to start off a blog post with something that looks sexy. Gets peoples attention so that they might want to read more. It’s been a long week. I am excited for work to be over. The cool weather is here and sanity is returning. Though somehow this summer seemed a great deal warmer then last summer. Those global warming people playing with my head again. Part of me doesn’t really give a crap since the earth is dead in another 5 billion years. I figure it will have a good run by then I won’t be alive and this blog post will probably never exist at that point and nothing will be remembered. Well unless we evolve into some sort of awesome creature that can travel in space. But I am sure we will probably kill ourselves off in a religious debate since that’s what seems to be the cause of everything these days. Hey there are some people that don’t think like we do. Let’s go shoot the fuck out of them. Keep our own people in fear and keep them stupid so they don’t question what we do. I love America.

Since it is Friday and Funny Stuff is a good way to end the work day. Here is a Video that had me chuckling and passing it around.

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