November 2007

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Today I got an e-mail from a Fan of the site. Figured I would post it for comments. From: mail@jdplvy.comTo: tristan@tristanpipo.comSubject: <None>Date: Nov 26, 2007 2:23 PM You’re an Asshole and I hope you Fucking Die!!!!NO , SERIOUSLY, I REALLY DO HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE A WASTE OF BREATH TO EVEN […]

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to make a little blog post that I have been working on the blog this lovely Sunday morning. Raleigh is asleep so I figured I could get some web tasks done. So some of you may have noticed that when you submit a comment you get a totally funky database […]

I figured I would have scored a great deal higher. 71% Geek 71%Minneapolis Dating Being a citizen of the world and wanting to better understand things I find myself reading frequently. I don’t really go for many books. If someone recommends a book I find it 100x easier¬† to look it up on audible and add it to my list and when I get some more credits it […]

First a Random Picture I enjoyed I get a great deal of IM’s and e-mails with people just asking how I am doing since I haven’t really taken the time to write anything worthwhile. It’s not that I forget about my blog but it’s just I find myself being tired and not really thinking of […]

So Super Mario Galaxy was unleashed upon the world yesterday. There were some mixed things that I heard about the release date. Most smaller shops were¬† getting it today (Tuesday) where Wal-Mart had it yesterday on the 12th. Not being a fan of being jerked around I went to Wal-Mart and picked it up. Buying […]

So I have had this game for a little over a week. This is the first coop purchase that me and Raleigh have made. I picked up the game for the XBOX 360. The guitar looks pretty freaking sweet with my XBOX 360 Elite. I’ve played through Easy and have 2 songs left on Medium. […]