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First a Random Picture I enjoyed

I get a great deal of IM’s and e-mails with people just asking how I am doing since I haven’t really taken the time to write anything worthwhile. It’s not that I forget about my blog but it’s just I find myself being tired and not really thinking of anything to update it with. Things happen but it’s just like it takes time to come up with something.

Like that is one reason I don’t like myspace it takes to much time. I went through and purged the friends list down to 110. I pretty much cleaned up the profile and so forth. The thing I don’t like about it to find out what anyone is doing I have to go clicking through profiles filled with shit to see that Oh you got a new kitty cat. Whatever cats are annoying. They make me sneeze and my tolerance for them is usually on the low end. But if I am taking pills I can deal with them.

Me and Raleigh have been doing incredibly well. We are around the 5 month mark and I am constantly amazed that I found someone that I can connect with. I really dig the couple thing. It’s nice having someone to bounce ideas off and just someone you can truly be yourself with.

We went as matching penguins for Halloween. Since Raleigh has a camera there seem to be a great deal of pictures being taken. My only complaint about the amazing costumes my mom made was that they forced you to walk like a penguin and going from my long strides to short ones put a cramp on my style.

The work holiday party is coming up at the end of the month. Went to the Men’s Warehouse picked up a suit and the whole deal. I am not really a fan of spending money at all and that was a bit of a sticker shock when that total came up. But I will be looking rather sharp and that should be a great deal of fun.

So other then work and just doing my normal routine.

Monday – Boys Night
Tuesday – Chill / Laundry Night
Wednesday- Take Mom to Dinner Keep her Company Night?
Thursday – Clean House / Chill
Friday – Picking up Raleigh and Whatever Night

Not much else going on. Hope everything is well with everyone else.

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