Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Review and BoxArt

So Super Mario Galaxy was unleashed upon the world yesterday. There were some mixed things that I heard about the release date. Most smaller shops were  getting it today (Tuesday) where Wal-Mart had it yesterday on the 12th. Not being a fan of being jerked around I went to Wal-Mart and picked it up. Buying a video game at Wal-Mart is interesting since you have to hunt somebody down to unlock their glass case to get you the game.

But I had been waiting for this game for way to long. I picked up a Wii on Launch day last year. That was an interesting process where I camped out in front of a Target from 8:30pm until 7am. All my friends were saying they were going to bring me coffee and food so I didn’t really pack anything but my DS expecting Starbucks or something to arrive. But most people didn’t seem to grasp the concept of dates and that turned out to a very cranky Tristan. But there haven’t really been any killer Wii games. I have Wii Sports, Zelda: Twilight Princess and Warioware. Zelda is good. I should probably sit down and beat the game. So getting a Mario Game would finally be the Killer App to make the Wii playable other then Virtual Console Titles.

This game I can totally see me and Raleigh playing some afternoon since she can be involved as much or as little as she would like. She can use the second Wii-mote to collect stars force me to jump to my death. Which I see her doing a great deal of that ;-).  She can also shoot enemies and so forth. It kinda matches the Elebits side of things in that regard.

But gameplay is spot on everything I would expect from a new mario pushing the envelope and making an all around fun game to play. I am a child of the Mario era. I didn’t have a Nintendo growing up I was an Atari kinda guy until I got a SNES when I was in the 4th  grade.

So if you have a Wii I totally recommend Mario Galaxy. You will not be disappointed. The whole perspective and gameplay is totally a new experience since Gravity is not a major part of the game. You can spin around the planets and it is just a riot. Me and Nick were playing it last night and we found it to be a little trippy while tired and spinning around the world.

I give Galaxy a 9.9/10 the .1 off is for the camera angle can get a little odd at times.

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