“I Want a Wii Now” – Random Bitch at Wal-Mart

So last night I was having dinner with my mom and she wanted to drag me to Wal-Mart to offer advice on getting gifts for people. Personally I have gotten everything done and now just in the process of checking tracking numbers. I must say out of FedEX, DHL, UPS and USPS the USPS tracking site is probably the worst and they have one item with an expected delivery date of 12-24-2007. Which has me worried but meh Amazon.com has only failed me once.

I want a Wii Now!

So my Mom and I went to the electronics section of Wal-Mart and were looking for some game. There was some woman with her daughter yelling at Wal-Mart clerk A since I didn’t catch his name. She was totally heated the conversation went as follows.

Bitch: “What do you mean you had 42 Wii’s this morning and sold out in 11 minutes!”
Clerk: “They are a popular holiday item and word got around”
B: “But my son really wants one! You should have  held onto it for him”

Now  I was trying to ponder what logical thought process she was using to come up with this remark. Wal-Mart has never held anything for anyone. I called them to see if they had any copies of Super Mario Galaxy when it was released and he said he would hold one for me. He didn’t do so because well they had a full shelf and many boxes of them on a rack. But everyone and their grandma wants a Wii. Last holiday they were a hot item as well. I camped out for 16hrs in front of a Target I was 17th in line for 1 of 47 Wii’s. Now that I have the Wii I never play it. Well except when hot ladies come over and want to get naked for Wii Playing. (okay that last part was a lie.)

But I think the angry customer thought process is always interesting. Getting angry at store clerk or phone person never seems to accomplish anything. You just get imprinted in the clerks memory as a random slur against yourself. So the odds of you getting decent service again dwindle quickly. The people the yell over the phone are always great because you can put yourself on mute. Put them on speaker phone and you will get a crowd of people enjoying the person yelling. They are wasting energy and time and at least you get some humor out of it. But odds are if they heard what we did to mock them it would just piss them off even further.

So this crazy lady went on for about 5-7 mins about how she wanted a Wii. I wanted to mention to her that I had one. I could have probably sold it to her for $500 or so dollars. Or I could have mentioned the GameStop Raincheck that if you drop $250 for the Wii they guarantee one for you by the end of January. But meh she gets the stupid award.

I guess the point of this blog post is that it’s to late to get a Wii you should have been looking in June. Don’t get pissed at a store associate or phone people because you are stupid. You will accomplish nil. Most phone places will tag your account that you are hard to deal with and just stupid and it’s rather difficult to get that removed.  The Customs and Border Patrol do it. It stays on your account for 40 years. =)

Happy Holiday!

Also if you are awesome and have a Wii. My Wii friend Code is 5651 4193 4958 5574 shoot me an e-mail with yours and we can be Wii Friends!

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