December 31st 2008 – Blog Post #1000

I have been thinking about doing a huge write up for post #1000. But I found myself constantly thinking that post #1000 isn’t really that big of a deal. I will continue to write on the blog not like it really means anything. I have 1000 posts under my belt now and feel pretty good about it. So in a little over 5 years of blogging I have posted on this blog that has migrated from to to using Blogger and WordPress enginges for running this site. It has been an amazing journey and look forward to the future and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

On a bit of a side note I wanted to send out my thoughts to the friends and family of Troy Thoman who died in a car wreck on December 30th. He worked with my Mom and he was a good guy. Always helpful when I needed something at the hardware store. He will be missed. News Article

Christmas List of 2008

So this year has been one amazing year for me. I have seen the purchase of many toys. So I thought I would write up a sane Christmas List. These are in no particular order so her goes what I would like for the Holiday Season.

I can’t really think of much else. Trying to keep things simple these days where life can be complicated. If you were thinking about buying me a tie as something cliche may I recommend This Tie!

Okay there is the list. It might be updated but we shall see how the Holiday Season moves forward. Hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and I hopefully will hear and talk to everyone soon. Next Blog Post will be # 1000. Hooray for me! And Hooray to any of you that have read all 999 so far.

Edit: Fixed the Wishlist. Having Multiple List Catergories Seemed Confusing to Many.

Edit January 2009 – Crossed off the items that I had recieved.

Obama Won By a Landslide

So Obama won the presidential election. I must pass along my congrats to the everyone that voted for him. I decided that it was time for a song. So please enjoy the following tune inspired by the election and Team America.

Due to Internet Explorer being a piece of shit i disabled the “America Fuck Yeah” Song as a celebration.

Craziness – #996

I was running some cleanup on my webserver and accidentally deleted the layout for the blog. So I had to go dig up the files and edit them back together. Then the changes I made to get it back to the way it used to look wasn’t taking. The caching module I had on the page was doing it’s job to well. So I deleted the cache had it rebuild it self with the new changes and things are up and running. Odds are nobody noticed anyways and I am just writing this blog post to complain about what I have had to deal with. Thanks for reading.

Post #995 – Divided by 5 is 199

Man post #995 seems like I am close to a milestone. I have been getting some flack for not putting as much effort into the blog as I used have in the past. There are a few reasons to that. It used to be rather interesting to post all of my dating experiences. The women that crossed my paths and those stories. One of the greater relics of the past was the post where a girl at worked baked me some cookies. Things like that would just be interesting. But being in a steady relationship you don’t get as many stories.

Last weekend. Went to a fall party, made some scarecrows, carved a pumpkin sat around a campfire, went to a wal-mart and picked up a Blu Ray.

I could write all about that but you know it wasn’t incredibly interesting to me so I just assume it would not be interesting to anyone reading. When I started this blog I was 20 years old in Indiana in a relationship I hated. Mainly because I was in Indiana and just different paths. The blogs back then were short little things about how I was screwed. 2004 was an election year and I really didn’t date much at all and that was just a journey through life a bit. 2005 I got a bit more into dating and just seemed all about fun. 2006 was career year in may and 2007 was still dating but long commute every day. 2008 has been my current girlfriend and work. Girlfriend is not work but actual work… you know what I mean.

But I find that at this point every day is the same. I wake up at 6:29 to hit the snooze button to sleep until 6:36. Get up shower get dressed carpool with the girlfriend. Walk to the bus stop. Ride the bus listening to the iPod. Get off walk the 4 blocks to work. Work by 8am until 5pm. Walk to the bus. Go home take care of necessary chores. Find dinner. Run any errands that are necessary. In bed by 10.

It repeats everyday with some variation as necessary. I am 25 now and have what another 40 years of this. It seems that my brain is having a hard time adjusting to the mundane. I am not sure if it’s just lack of free time that I am lacking or just this meh feeling.

So I would like to get back into the blogging realm but just lack of time seems to reduce my desire. Plus the fact that I am on the computer all day long working I get home and really have no desire to go grab my laptop. Writing a blog on the iPhone is possible but still I really don’t have the desire to do so. Kinda seems like a waste to just burn posts up to 1000.

1000 posts is coming up what would like to see for such an event?

Why Yelp Sucks

My days can usually be found on the internet reading up on many things. My girlfriend turned me onto this site called Yelp. You can find reviews for everything and anything.  If you haven’t heard of this site either you are not missing much. So let’s say it’s Dinner time and I want a burger. So I go to and run a search for burger and I get this place.

The first review is from someone named Terrell.

“If you like ground beef, grease and sports on big screen televisions, this is your place!”

The rest of the review is about how he was not happy with his burger because he doesn’t like that type of thing so he gives the place 2 out of 5 stars. Now on Yelp you can rate a review in 3 ways. “Useful, Funny or Cool” Where is the button that this is a bad review if you don’t like this type of food why the hell are you reviewing it to begin with. Why did you even go in there if it’s not your style. I wish I could vote the review off the page and have it no longer count.

There are other sites like where you can review news articles and comments. You can either digg it up or mark it down. If it’s dugg down enough it disappears and is gone. You can do this with peoples comments so you don’t have to read idiocy if you don’t want to. Yelp doesn’t have this feature so even people who write “This place sucks!” and that is all and give it 1 star you can’t do anything but say if the review is “Useful, Funny or Cool”

What this makes me think about is that when I go check a place out and it has 3 stars that I need to parse through every review to see why the person is reviewing it and what their other reviews are to see even if I want to trust them. Well fuck that shit I don’t have time I just want to know where a good burger is that isn’t being judged my some vegetarian who hates the place because they don’t have their soy full of shit burgers with their private agenda. You are eating at a burger joint. Cow was murdered for the purpose of being grilled and put inbetween bread with cheese on top of it. That is the whole damn point. But you are marking a place down for doing so.

I really don’t get it. I can see where such a thing would be a good place to get seen and get new customers but I just don’t agree with the system on yelp and it could be improved in so many ways. I bring up this argument to most people and they are just like “Meh whatever you say Tristan” There are other review sites out there but I have yet to put my finger on why Yelp took off. People thought I was crazy for thinking myspace was a big steaming pile of shit. I usually try to check out the review on Yelp and then Urbanspoon, Yellowpages and then Citysearch that wastes a great deal of time where I would rather just go to the place and try it myself. But I have a girlfriend who doesn’t follow that same idea.

I really like it when a Vegetarian or a Vegan reviews a Steakhouse. Gives it a 1 star for not having anything other then a side salad. I really hope they shutup real soon. You don’t see me going to a vegetarian restaurant and giving it a 1 star review for not having a freshly slaughtered piece of flesh for me to consume.

Some days I would really kill to have this T-Shirt.