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So Obama won the presidential election. I must pass along my congrats to the everyone that voted for him. I decided that it was time for a song. So please enjoy the following tune inspired by the election and Team America. EDIT:Due to Internet Explorer being a piece of shit i disabled the “America Fuck […]

I was running some cleanup on my webserver and accidentally deleted the layout for the blog. So I had to go dig up the files and edit them back together. Then the changes I made to get it back to the way it used to look wasn’t taking. The caching module I had on the […]

Man post #995 seems like I am close to a milestone. I have been getting some flack for not putting as much effort into the blog as I used have in the past. There are a few reasons to that. It used to be rather interesting to post all of my dating experiences. The women […]

My days can usually be found on the internet reading up on many things. My girlfriend turned me onto this site called Yelp. You can find reviews for everything and anything.  If you haven’t heard of this site either you are not missing much. So let’s say it’s Dinner time and I want a burger. […]