Blog Post #967 – Hometown Makes the TV

So my girlfriend mentioned this a few days ago and I thought nothing of this. Because I don’t watch TV since it’s all pure shit now. Reruns and Reality TV. I get enough reality being a human and being alive. I don’t want to watch drama on TV with other people interjected with corporate feces every few minutes. None of it sounds appealing to me anymore. I was going through all the news items and I saw the article listed above and tried to grasp this concept of a wife swap show.

So as I do with most things I don’t know so much about I check out Wikipedia. Turns out this is ABC’s brilliant idea to steal a show from the UK. They have done this a few times and because people are not creative anymore they just steal other peoples ideas and jokes. For example Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia.

But my initial thoughts on the title of this show had me thinking about swingers and TV getting involved. I was expecting to see some couples swapping wives and then putting a Budweiser Tattoo on her ass to make some profit as the new guy plays with his TV sponsored goodies. But it appears that two wives in different social classes swap families and have their whole world twisted upside down. Usually not in the good and sexy way. But this is ABC what can you expect from a Network owned by the fuckers at Disney.

So this dancer is from my hometown of Suquamish, WA. I remember walking to school everyday as a child. I still remember all my teachers and friends from back in the day. There are some that I lost contact with that would be killer to run into again.

But Suquamish is not really known for anything other then the Casino and Chief Sealth. Other then that Suquamish is pretty much just a hole.

So someone in Suquamish made the news who is a burlesque dancer on a crappy themed TV show. Local Pride I suppose. Point of this post. None.

Global Warming or Cooling?

So I thought I would tell you about my past few days since well I haven’t done that in a while. So my roommate moved on Tuesday which was a great deal of drama. I was tired of him using my shit all the time and just being a bum with no job. Saturday he tells me he can’t afford rent and would be out by Tuesday.  Which was a whole big drama since I hadn’t seen him for the past few days after that so I take Tuesday off from work to be around to make sure he doesn’t steal anything since I have a great deal of expensive toys. I packed up most of the expensive ones and took them to my mothers house since it would be a safer place. But that isn’t really anything I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about last night.

I go have dinner with my mom every Wednesday night. I try to be a good son and I am told I do a damn fine job. But the people that tell me that are always a little biased in my favor. But hell it’s an ego boost that I am doing something good. Everyone knows I am a little lacking in the ego department. But if you ask Raleigh well she will tell you a different story. 😉

But my mom canceled dinner last night because she wasn’t feeling so well. Which has been the story of the women in my life the past week.  So I had this evening that I usually don’t have so I did my normal geek thing grabbed the laptop. Cooked some Salmon Patties. I tried using Olive Oil this time. It worked out pretty well. I couldn’t really taste anything different. Figured I would try to be healthier in this day in age. Plus this is Washington and everyone is nuts about that kinda crap. For some reason I have never understood most of that gourmet food and it just doesn’t taste that good.

So I had the XBOX going playing some Assassins Creed. I finally accomplished something in that game. So far it’s been a rather fun game but my attitude towards video games has changed since I was a child. I remember playing my Apple II or my Atari back in the day and the games were a challenge to get working let alone to a playable state. But you could play an hour and be done since they were rather simple. But now a game requires like 40hrs of your time and I just can’t sit down to play a game for more then an hour. Other then social games like Guitar Hero or SceneIT. I miss board games but getting people together to play them seems harder then ever.

Okay that was another tangent back on track. So I pause the game to just use the restroom, clean some windows, vacuum the ex roommates room.  I grab the laptop and I have an Instant Message from a girl I went on one date with back in 2005. Which I found to be a little odd. Saying all the guys she dates are losers and full of drama. I replied with “Water Seeks It’s Own Level” and I quickly got prompted with a Fuck You.

This quickly prompted me to laugh and laugh. In all reality it was probably a very asshole comment for me to say. But it was fitting and quick and got to the point. But it made for a good night of Assassin’s Creed and some Halo. The guys playing Halo with me thought the story was hilarious and asked me for her IM Screen Name. Ahh the realm of Halo Voice chat. Some of the most racist hateful 13 year olds. Sometimes I am shocked when I cross a path with someone that speaks english without any accents.

But anyways thought I would share a few stories. Since lately I haven’t shared my life with the blog. Which seems kinda odd to have the blog if I am not telling my life story. February will be a busy house hunting month.

Cheers! -Tristan

Hello MySpacers

Well I was getting tired of people who still seem to enjoy the hell of myspace. So I found a solution for my blog that will automatically update my myspace blog letting people know I updated my real blog. So you are reading this now as a test that this new system works.

I hope all is well with the myspace world.

Quote for a Friday

“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.” – Dr Seuss

I thought this fit me perfectly. Since I am rather blunt and just call it as I see it and people are either bothered by it or accept it. But having this thought has had a great deal of good and some would call bad things. I have set a great deal of people off and basically cut relations with them. But having this outlook on life has also had the benefit of bringing people into my life that wouldn’t have been there before. For some reason finding a quote that just makes me think and feel a connection to it is a good thing. Maybe I should write a children’s book.

It would probably be something like this.

E-Mail is Slow Going

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know e-mailing me may be a little slow going while I make some changes. I am currently importing all of my e-mail accounts into one gMail account. So currently Google is moving about 12,000 e-mails between accounts and it’s running all of the filters I have setup. So in my tests everything to is working fine but a little slow going since it’s currently being imported. So if you don’t get a response in a timely manor that is why.

“But Tristan why are you making this change?” Well so I will have one unified e-mail account and most people will never know the difference. I hope everyone has had a good week. I know blogging has been slow since the new year has began. I am sorry about that I am not meaning to keep you out of the loop just been working a great deal and blogging has been more of an after thought. Currently goal #1 has been getting organized and that has been taking some time to merge everything. Luckily this is just start the process and let it go.

How has your life been? Anything new? Get everything you wanted for the holidays? Wanna play some Guitar Hero? Find any great YouTube Clips? I want to hear all about them.  To the Facebook readers come check out the real blog sometime.

Cheers! Tristan Pipo

Time to Confess Something

Sometimes I take a moment to read and every sunday with the lady Raleigh we check out postsecret. So I don’t need to hide to confess some things. So here are some things that most people really don’t know about myself.

  •  I have a bizarre fascination with radioactive things. I like to know what radioactive waste is and how it’s cleaned up. To Chernobyl and different types of nuclear bombs. For some reason the science behind them is really interesting and I like to know as much about it and how radiation works.  I can read that stuff forever. I have no idea why.
  • I really enjoy cleaning the bathroom. I never seem to have enough free time to give it the attention that I would like. For some reason just getting the bleach cleaner and opening the window and sitting there scrubbing the tile with a toothbrush is relaxing since it’s incredibly simple and requires very little effort and the results are noticeable immediately.
  • I am probably the worst shopper of all time. I research the crap out of everything. Every purchase I gather as many reviews as I can and rate the review and the score they give it. I feel like that is why I hardly buy anything. It took me 5 months to finally decide to buy an XBOX 360 last year.
  • I get really nervous driving. I am constantly freaked out about getting pulled over. People who don’t drive the speed limit just really piss me off. For example on Bainbridge Island from one end to other on the main road it is 55mph. When you get closer to the ferry end of the island it slows to 40Mph and then 30Mph. For some reason everyone drives 45Mph in the 55Mph section. It really drives me nuts. I wish I had a roof mounted sniper rifle to shoot out their tires so they would get off the road and have time to change the tire and think about what a fucking annoying asshole they are. But they would probably only think that of me. So I just have to shutup and deal with their slowness. Which pisses me off further. I am glad Raleigh likes to drive. Takes all the stress away from me.

That is it for today. Thanks for reading. The apartment search continues.

A New Feature For the Readers

So I have a new feature for those that would care to use it. Well I guess I have two new features. After many requests Stalker Dave now has access to the blog again. But he is aware of the warnings. So he shall be around.

Feature #2 is a pretty cool one for those that are interested in it. You can now subscribe to the comments form. It’s a little checkbox when you leave a comment. If you don’t want to comment but want to see other people’s comments you can just put in your e-mail address and they will be yours for the reading.

Now I don’t save your e-mail address or anything. If you use a fake one the system reports back and basically I get a warning that certain IP Address used a fake e-mail address. Which is good for the Spam Filter on the site. Currently I have 1429 spam comments I need to filter through to see if anything is good.

So anyways enjoy the new feature. Cheers!