E-Mail is Slow Going

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know e-mailing me may be a little slow going while I make some changes. I am currently importing all of my e-mail accounts into one gMail account. So currently Google is moving about 12,000 e-mails between accounts and it’s running all of the filters I have setup. So in my tests everything to tristan.pipo@gmail.com is working fine but tristan@tristanpipo.com a little slow going since it’s currently being imported. So if you don’t get a response in a timely manor that is why.

“But Tristan why are you making this change?” Well so I will have one unified e-mail account and most people will never know the difference. I hope everyone has had a good week. I know blogging has been slow since the new year has began. I am sorry about that I am not meaning to keep you out of the loop just been working a great deal and blogging has been more of an after thought. Currently goal #1 has been getting organized and that has been taking some time to merge everything. Luckily this is just start the process and let it go.

How has your life been? Anything new? Get everything you wanted for the holidays? Wanna play some Guitar Hero? Find any great YouTube Clips? I want to hear all about them.  To the Facebook readers come check out the real blog sometime.

Cheers! Tristan Pipo

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