Blog Post #967 – Hometown Makes the TV

So my girlfriend mentioned this a few days ago and I thought nothing of this. Because I don’t watch TV since it’s all pure shit now. Reruns and Reality TV. I get enough reality being a human and being alive. I don’t want to watch drama on TV with other people interjected with corporate feces every few minutes. None of it sounds appealing to me anymore. I was going through all the news items and I saw the article listed above and tried to grasp this concept of a wife swap show.

So as I do with most things I don’t know so much about I check out Wikipedia. Turns out this is ABC’s brilliant idea to steal a show from the UK. They have done this a few times and because people are not creative anymore they just steal other peoples ideas and jokes. For example Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia.

But my initial thoughts on the title of this show had me thinking about swingers and TV getting involved. I was expecting to see some couples swapping wives and then putting a Budweiser Tattoo on her ass to make some profit as the new guy plays with his TV sponsored goodies. But it appears that two wives in different social classes swap families and have their whole world twisted upside down. Usually not in the good and sexy way. But this is ABC what can you expect from a Network owned by the fuckers at Disney.

So this dancer is from my hometown of Suquamish, WA. I remember walking to school everyday as a child. I still remember all my teachers and friends from back in the day. There are some that I lost contact with that would be killer to run into again.

But Suquamish is not really known for anything other then the Casino and Chief Sealth. Other then that Suquamish is pretty much just a hole.

So someone in Suquamish made the news who is a burlesque dancer on a crappy themed TV show. Local Pride I suppose. Point of this post. None.

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