The Power of the Craigslist

Well I posted an ad on craigslist to part with my dear sweet dining room table. It has served two functions.

  1. To put a table runner on.
  2. To put some vases filled with stones and water and a curly Bamboo thingy.

Other then that I have used it as an ironing board a few times and it was given to me for free. I was hoping to part with it for the matter of $30 for the ex roommates power bill. But that didn’t seem reasonable since I acquired the table from a previous roommate for $0. So I listed it on craigslist. 

I have received so many phone calls about this table.  So far everyone has flaked out. A woman called me this morning named Linda and she is supposed to be coming to pick it up tonight. If she doesn’t I am going to this woman named Kelly. Oddly enough she is a Utah phone number. She sounds rather peppy. Peppy people always have good energy that is nice to absorb. But I am getting all these calls and voicemails and haven’t figured out a system to call these people back.

Anyone have any recommendations on how to handle a large amount of phone calls. I just want the table out of the house. I am moving on Saturday and can’t take it with me. If you are a local to me feel free to shoot me a notice with your contact info if Linda bails out or Kelly.

Blog Spam

Spam on the blog has increased dramatically over the past few weeks. I was getting between 40-120 spam trackbacks and comments a day that were making it past the filters I had in place. I did some research and updated a few API’s on the site and hopefully this will fix the problem. This increase in Spam has increased the traffic to the blog but readers seem to be down. That kinda bums me out. Is there some disconnect that I am perhaps missing? Something you would like to know or read about?

I hope all is well with the world. Happy Valentines Day. I am not exactly sure what I am doing. Raleigh has been sicker then a dog all week and  hopefully she is better by the weekend. That would also give me some more prep time and Valentines Day crap will be on sale. =)

Tonight if we are not going to be together I am going to go hang with Justin. Fix his computer.

Website Downtime

Hello Everyone,

I am sure that it was no big deal and that not a single person noticed today that the site was down for 4 minutes and 16 seconds but had to complete an “emergency upgrade” of WordPress from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 due to some security flaw. Everything appears to be up and running as expected. This also gives me a chance to test the modifications that I made to the myspace posting addon I got for WordPress.

Carry On. Send some Love. Happy Tuesday.