WordPress Updated

Hello everyone I updated WordPress the blogging engine behind my site to version 2.5. I must say the new interface is rather sleek and I can’t wait to try out all of the new features. I have been working on a redesign of the site and that should be completed when I find some free time.

I haven’t had much time nor desire to bust out my laptop and login and update the world on my life. Once I get life into a balance I will be back to updating and my normal self. I hope everyone has been well. My contact information has not changed.

But been kinda odd going from a 2 bedroom with a roommate to a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a girlfriend. Odd having rules and things being expected of me. Mostly things that were not a problem before are now a problem. Like WTF it wasn’t a problem before and now it is. Oh well there is always a learning experience.


Logging into MySpace

MySpace Is a Huge amount of Fail

I log into myspace and I scrolled down the screen among the billions of other useless links I get an image of people with to much time on their hands. I guess I can see how other people waste precious life. At least I know I can sleep at night knowing how well Queen Josephine knows Melissa. Actually I won’t since I didn’t click on the link. Some people don’t pick up on sarcasm well.  I would also note that every single person on that list right there has a vagina. Not one of those people has a penis.

At least it doesn’t annoy my blackberry with useless e-mail forwards.

The Loss of Myself

I am sure everyone is wondering where I have been. Well I moved and well I haven’t had internet since QWEST decided to not have DSL coverage where my new place is. So I get to wait for Comcast to come install internet on Friday. Still unpacking and been rather swamped with life. I did manage to get some free internet time at Tully’s Coffee here in Seattle. But well it wasn’t fast enough to download the 35 new podcasts I have waiting to fill up my iPod.

But I expect myself to be around a bit more starting this weekend. But who knows. Living with the girlfriend my time seems to screw around and be geeky has gotten rather limited. But life will find a balance here soon enough.

Hope everyone is well.