Post #978 – Say What?

Hey readers! I have been rather slack on updating the blog and because of this readership and hits have gone down. Which is understandable so I am going to work on being a better poster. Pretty much every personal blog that I have ever seen does this every now and then. I used to have aspirations to be a professional blogger. But I didn’t really have the market. Most professional bloggers seem to be well connected in the industry or be females. Being female and having boobs seems to be the number one factor in getting readers. You will instantly attract a great deal of men leaving stupid comments in the hopes that they might be the lucky one that will get to see you naked. But odds are they will meet some other dude who knows very little about their digital life and therefor will not brag about how they got to nail such a female blogger. But as with all my blogs we have found ourself on another tangent. Odd but you would think I am somewhat bitter when I could really care less.

I am writing this at 12:43am Sunday May 25th 2008. When it just so happens that I turned 25 on May 20th. It sometimes has been brought to my attention that 1/3 of my life is now over. Which can be a bit daunting to some. I have never been a real fan of birthdays. For some reason I find myself setting lower and lower expectations every year and find myself getting shafted by things not even making those expectations. Lets see last year I had a dinner at the casino buffet and got some coin and a Wok Accessory Kit. A few days later for another dinner I got ditched at a restaurant by my now current girlfriend. But at least one of those things worked out in the end.

I have been told by some that I have a witty style for writing and that most things I say take a turn on the blunt side and come around for an interesting bit of comedy. But for some reason lately I have been feeling a little down about myself. I would really like to get going back to the gym again. But now with my friends being scattered all around the area I find myself facing the wall of working out solo. Which has never really been my ideal situation. I would prefer to push myself harder and generally require a spotter and like someone that has the same workout ethic that I do. I miss going 5 days a week.

So I am sitting here at my computer desk and I look over at my other monitor stand and see a $1 bill in a wooden custom built frame. That was the first dollar I had ever made working on computers. I fixed a guys computer that was running mega slow. Deleted a whole bunch of software. Ran a virus scan and fixed all his shortcuts since they were all copies of copies. I made $51 dollars for that and that $1 is still in a frame to remind me that it all started from $1.

But it’s rather late and the comedy is just not flowing this evening. I don’t have anything witty to say at the moment. I miss updating the world on myself. You come here to read about me and what’s new. Do you have anything you would like to know? What aspect of my site keeps you coming back hoping for an update? I would really like to know.

Much Happiness and Love to All the Readers. I will be talking to you all soon.
-Tristan Pipo

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  2. OK, that life 1/3 over comment is freaking me out! Holy shit! I’ll be 27 this year, I am an OLD LADY. Jeebus.

    Time to go skydiving or something.

    I just happened to check out your page this evening, glad you had an update. Also read the one below and all I have to say about the bird story is GAK! YUCK!

  3. Glad to see an update and that everything seems to be good!

    We keep reading for the Tristan spin on everyday life you make things seem so funny and interesting…

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