A Trip Down Memory Lane

So today came some really good news. The old domain name for the site that I retired became available so I picked it back up again. This site has been through a few changes. Here are the former pages as follows.

  1. www.expage.com/pages/craze15 (No Long Exists) Internet Archive
  2. http://tjpipo.bizland.com — I got this site when I was using Frontpage and wanted frontpage extensions to do “cool things”. It no longer exists but I think you can find it on the wayback machine
  3. XMDude.com — Well this site came about when I was a Satellite Radio obsessed junkie and was going to be a journey into a review site. But I didn’t have the time to devote to it and XMFan.com was founded instead. XMDude.com just redirects to this page now.
  4. SiriusDude.com — This site came about when I kinda lost the idea of XM Satellite Radio and went to Sirius Satellite Radio and worked with SIriusBackstage.com
  5. TristanPipo.com — What you find today.

So 2005 came about and I let siriusdude.com expire and fall into the pits of the internet. Some spam site took it over and the domain was just left to sit there. I got a notice saying some e-mail was unable to deliver to siriusdude.com which had me wondering WTF mate! So I went to see what was up with the domain. It was available so I picked it up again and now back to an all good domain happy family. I feel so complete right now.

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