Post #995 – Divided by 5 is 199

Man post #995 seems like I am close to a milestone. I have been getting some flack for not putting as much effort into the blog as I used have in the past. There are a few reasons to that. It used to be rather interesting to post all of my dating experiences. The women that crossed my paths and those stories. One of the greater relics of the past was the post where a girl at worked baked me some cookies. Things like that would just be interesting. But being in a steady relationship you don’t get as many stories.

Last weekend. Went to a fall party, made some scarecrows, carved a pumpkin sat around a campfire, went to a wal-mart and picked up a Blu Ray.

I could write all about that but you know it wasn’t incredibly interesting to me so I just assume it would not be interesting to anyone reading. When I started this blog I was 20 years old in Indiana in a relationship I hated. Mainly because I was in Indiana and just different paths. The blogs back then were short little things about how I was screwed. 2004 was an election year and I really didn’t date much at all and that was just a journey through life a bit. 2005 I got a bit more into dating and just seemed all about fun. 2006 was career year in may and 2007 was still dating but long commute every day. 2008 has been my current girlfriend and work. Girlfriend is not work but actual work… you know what I mean.

But I find that at this point every day is the same. I wake up at 6:29 to hit the snooze button to sleep until 6:36. Get up shower get dressed carpool with the girlfriend. Walk to the bus stop. Ride the bus listening to the iPod. Get off walk the 4 blocks to work. Work by 8am until 5pm. Walk to the bus. Go home take care of necessary chores. Find dinner. Run any errands that are necessary. In bed by 10.

It repeats everyday with some variation as necessary. I am 25 now and have what another 40 years of this. It seems that my brain is having a hard time adjusting to the mundane. I am not sure if it’s just lack of free time that I am lacking or just this meh feeling.

So I would like to get back into the blogging realm but just lack of time seems to reduce my desire. Plus the fact that I am on the computer all day long working I get home and really have no desire to go grab my laptop. Writing a blog on the iPhone is possible but still I really don’t have the desire to do so. Kinda seems like a waste to just burn posts up to 1000.

1000 posts is coming up what would like to see for such an event?