Christmas List of 2008

So this year has been one amazing year for me. I have seen the purchase of many toys. So I thought I would write up a sane Christmas List. These are in no particular order so her goes what I would like for the Holiday Season.

I can’t really think of much else. Trying to keep things simple these days where life can be complicated. If you were thinking about buying me a tie as something cliche may I recommend This Tie!

Okay there is the list. It might be updated but we shall see how the Holiday Season moves forward. Hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and I hopefully will hear and talk to everyone soon. Next Blog Post will be # 1000. Hooray for me! And Hooray to any of you that have read all 999 so far.

Edit: Fixed the Wishlist. Having Multiple List Catergories Seemed Confusing to Many.

Edit January 2009 – Crossed off the items that I had recieved.

Obama Won By a Landslide

So Obama won the presidential election. I must pass along my congrats to the everyone that voted for him. I decided that it was time for a song. So please enjoy the following tune inspired by the election and Team America.

Due to Internet Explorer being a piece of shit i disabled the “America Fuck Yeah” Song as a celebration.

Craziness – #996

I was running some cleanup on my webserver and accidentally deleted the layout for the blog. So I had to go dig up the files and edit them back together. Then the changes I made to get it back to the way it used to look wasn’t taking. The caching module I had on the page was doing it’s job to well. So I deleted the cache had it rebuild it self with the new changes and things are up and running. Odds are nobody noticed anyways and I am just writing this blog post to complain about what I have had to deal with. Thanks for reading.