February 2009

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Update: Looks like the changes that I was recommended to do didn’t resolve the issue. We shall see what GoDaddy support can do. Well looks like the fun doesn’t stop around here. I have been getting reports of users getting “500 Internal Server Errors” this seemed to be happening for Firefox, IE, Safari. I did […]

To those that get to read blog posts from this via RSS. I wanted to let you know that RSS will be down for approx 72hrs while all the feeds get moved from Feedburner to Google that has not purchased Feedburner. On a side not that means if you are reading this via RSS this […]

Hey Everyone! I have moved the site over to the new webhost. I still need to move the other domains that reference this site. tristanpipo.net, siriusdude.com, siriusdude.net, xmdude.com, xmdude.net. They will still come up but there is currently a bit of an issue with this as they are hosted on another server that redirects to […]

Hello Everyone! As I am sure you are all very aware that this site is very very very slow. My hosting company recommended I make some changes to the database and change some functionality of wordpress. So I did what they asked and the site still takes 15-30 seconds to load. Which this site is […]