Hey Everyone! I check out the hits on the site and people still come here which is encouraging. I am sometimes shocked I still have people that read this when I never post pictures of myself and I don’t really pimp out my site anymore. Since I finished school and joined the workforce back in […]

With the intent to write something witty or comical. But it’s Friday who has time for that? I will say that I have a 14 pound bundle of joy coming on Wednesday. =) I hope everyone has been well. There has a been an evil battle happening in the Pipo Pad. I was sick for […]

This issue should now be fixed as well with some helpful guidance from the Ramblings of a Bored Geek. All that’s left on the TristanPipo.com website is to change the font’s around a bit and I will do that when I get home with my trusty CSS editor. I would like to thank Raleigh and […]

I had to revert back to a mega old design for the site. I will change this back over tonight. But in the meantime. There is no school like the old school.