Paper Towel Dispensers

I wanted to provide some social commentary on this trend of automatic things in bathrooms. I am not sure when exactly everyone started to become afraid of every single germ or disease in existence. But I feel like that this trend is starting to make some general things in life shittier. Automatic Toilet flushing okay I can deal with that. Walk up to Urinal and don’t need to touch anything. But I wash my hands anyways so meh. Urine is sterile so I am not worried about it. But my annoyance comes with the hand washing and drying procedures in the bathroom.

You used to walk up turn on the sink pump out some soap. Grab some paper towels out of a normal dispenser. Dry your hands toss it in the trash and move along with life. But for some reason people decided to get greedy with the paper towels, water and soap. We used to have an awesome system like this.

But we went from having the greatness of taking care of things ourselves. To the man saying “Hey there! thanks for spending some money in our store. But we don’t trust you to dispense the proper amount of soap water and paper towels”

Now you walk into the toilet take care of business go to wash your hands you need to maneuver them under some sensor. Then hope the water turns on. Or you have the sinks with the push down button and you get a teaspoon of water and it shuts off. Most soap is still manual. The soaps that are not you get the same problem with the sink. Find the sensor and hope you get some soap. But my gripe with bathrooms is the paper towel dispenser since they have switched to an automatic system.

You have seem them right? They look something like this.

You run your hand under this thing and you get some paper. Has anyone ever found that the amount of paper you get on your first swipe to be worth anything? This is supposed to save money or something is all I can figure. But just seems to make the overall bathroom experience a very crappy one.

Instant Rimshot Drum

I love that sound effect. Always good for a laugh. But I feel like all this germ phobia has gotten out of hand. Nobody wants to touch anyone or anything and it’s just making life shittier overall. I think we need to ditch all the automatic crap in the bathroom. Because the only thing left is toilet paper. I don’t want to be sitting there for minutes running my hand underneath the dispenser getting two sheets at a time.

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  1. I like the bathrooms that have multiple automatic papertowel dispensers. Then I can wave my hands in front of both and rip them off simultaneously like I am Zorro or something. The effect is amplified if I wear the mask and leave a soap “Z” on the mirror.

  2. YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT… I have been pondering that one too! It started at the casino, on my birthday, and drunk! I mean, WTF???!?!?!

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