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I have been trying to find an excellent blogging tool for a while now. I have used many blogging engines over the years since I started a weblog back in 2003. I got into blogging back in September of 2003 for two reasons.

#1 – My relationship with my then current girlfriend was fading. We broke up in December 2003.
#2 – I saw that Google had purchased Blogger and all of it’s services went from being limited free to being totally free.

It was interesting back in those days. had I think 7 templates. None of them that great. It was mainly a way to talk about my hobby at the the time. Satellite Radio. In fact the first domain I purchased for myself was Now it just redirects back to At that point I felt like I was losing faith in the XM Satellite radio community. When the XM Community fan site that I ran (Now Defunct) got ignored and came to be. So I then migrated to Then I got tired of the entire Satellite Radio game when I got an iPod. was then born. But I have moved between a few webhosts and blogging engines.

Currently I am hosting this site using the WordPress blogging engine. I feel that it’s the best. I have been told I should be using Drupal and I have also been looking at moving to a SquareSpace hosting solution. But I kinda like GoDaddy but some of the tweaks I had to implement to get the site to load properly I am not a huge fan of.

But I should really get back on point. I am really trying to make an active effort to get back into blogging. But I find myself working on a computer all day. I get home and the last thing I want to do is touch a computer. I am currently sitting at my desk with 3 Mac Laptops.

Now most people would just login to WordPress and post via that method but the interface seems to have gotten cluttered over the years. I like the features that it offers. But most of the time I just want to write some text. But I also find that things that are bothering me or I want to discuss should be private. I would love to post like I used to. I felt that no feelings happened to be involved. But if I post something that bothers someone I feel like I am going to get put in a place I don’t want to be. I prefer to pick and choose my battles. Getting in trouble over a blog post hardly seems worth it to me. If you want to view my less censored version of things you can follow me on Twitter.

Ugh I really want to talk about blogging tools.

So I use a Mac for most of my blogging interactions. I have a few tools MarsEdit is one of my currently favorite tools. It’s nice when I don’t want to launch a web browser and just write a blog post with media or fancy formatting. It’s also nice to use when you manage blog posts on multiple blogs.

Most of the time I find myself just using Textmate because it’s a very powerful text editor. I can just open it up and hit new blog posts and then publish in about 2 seconds. I am writing this blog post with Textmate as we speak.

Textmate Interface

Otherwise I just use the post editor built into wordpress. Does anyone have a particular blogging tool or platform that they like to use? I like to host it on a server that I full control over just because of the nerd in me. But I find myself not wanting to deal with spending so much time managing that. But anyways as we approach the holidays. I hope everyone has a good one. This is going to be my first year cooking a Turkey. I am going to deep fry one. It’s been a bit of a debate in my family. But I am excited to try and hopefully nobody dies or gets burnt.

Tristan Out….

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