Some Tech Updates

I started actually looking at the site tonight and noticed that every single twitter weekly update gets logged into the “blog” category. I could see how that could get annoying if you just want to filter on actual real blog posts so I am working on cleaning up the database to put these updates into a “twitter” category .

There are several of these to do and I I will see if I can find a way to automate this using phpMyAdmin but who knows will probably just edit it all by hand as I have time.

I will need to write Jury Duty Day 2 as that was a rather interesting day as I had to go into an actual court room. Good times will work on that soon.

Removal of Podcasts

Hey Everyone! It’s been a few years since I have taken the time to record a podcast. I ran a google search on my name and found that they had been linked to on a number of external sites. So I opted to remove them all from the site. They are backed up safely and perhaps someday they shall return. Perhaps I shall get back into podcasting sometime in the future.

But only time will tell. Right now the time is telling me to go to bed. I shall be updating soon.


Jury Duty 2011 – Day 1

Back in 2007 I got asked to come in for Jury Duty when I was living on Bainbridge Island. I wrote a recap of the entire experience and got asked if I could revise it for the Kitsap County paper the Bremerton Sun. Now known as the Kitsap Sun which was probably one of my favorite experiences of this blog. Sadly that article is gone from the website but it was a fun experience. If you would like to view the recap you can find it here.


My first jury duty experience was in the lovely but odd town of Port Orchard, WA. It has been rather different then Seattle. First of all in Kitsap they had a selection of like 40 people maybe. In Seattle you sit in a room that extends for what seems like forever. Here is a picture.

Tumblr lfw9tt6xQ11qz51e1o1 1280

So in Kitsap everyone was in the pool. In Seattle everyone gathers in this room and nobody has been selected for anything. So my first day you are required to check in my 8am. This didn’t really seem to have a point since people kept flowing in all the way up until 9:00 or so. Then a judge came in and spoke to us about what Jury Duty involved. He also read a letter from a juror that talked about how he wanted to kill himself after being on a jury for a period of time. That really didn’t seem like a good way to start off the day.

After that experience we had to watch a video about Jury Duty. I would hate to be the person that has to edit or produce those kind of videos. Because there is no way to make that kind of thing interesting. So after that point we had to wait.

Then we had to wait some more.

Then we got a 15 minute break from waiting. During that break we had to wait.

Then we waited until 11:30 and told we had 2hrs for lunch. I spent my lunch walking over to the Columbia Tower and pondering how to keep my sanity with all this waiting. I went to this place called “Sub Shop” had a Turkey Cranberry. It really wasn’t what I was expecting.

If you want the best turkey sandwich in the world I highly recommend you get into some form of transportation. Arrive in Poulsbo, WA and go to central market. Go right up to the Deli and get a Turkey Cranberry sandwich. It will change your sandwich world. My best friend Preston turned me onto it. The only woman that I had ever said  “I love you” without being romantically involved with was one that bought me this sandwich. If you want to get on my best possible side this sandwich will do it.

The turkey cranberry sandwich I had today at the Sub Shop was not even close to that sandwich. It wasn’t even worthy to have the same name. But that all doesn’t really matter as that killed an hour for lunch. So I had freedom for another hour. But I felt like a bit of a tool sitting alone in the Columbia tower. I think I shall attempt to try something else tomorrow when I go back.

So back on the story. I go back to the jury room to wait. So it’s 12:45 and sitting around waiting. <<There was going to be a story here about the woman that sat down across from me. But I don’t know how to present it in a nice non judgmental way.>>

So at the beginning of this whole thing they told us the days went from 8:00am-4:30pm so I decided to try and take a nap. This didn’t work out so well as it’s not really a room that is setup for comfort. So we waited.

Waited some more and then at 3:00pm they announced that they needed a pool of 50 jurors for a particular judge. So they started reading off names and I was like I hope I don’t get this one as there is 90 minutes left in my day. But they get to the high 30’s and I think I am free. Nope not at all I get called ##. Shoot.

So we get to fill out a “bio” card and I trade that in for a laminated piece of paper with a # on it. So with the other groups they gave them a card and you sit around and wait. 3:30 rolls around and still waiting they announce they don’t have time and anyone with a number can go home for the day but come back tomorrow.

So I was like sweet and booked the hell out of there. Found where the bus picks up and headed home. We shall see what tomorrow holds.