2 Weeks with the iPad

I have been a proud owner of the new iPad 2 for two weeks now. I must say this is one incredible device. I never owned the iPad 1 because I felt it was lacking in a few features and by the time they got enabled in software last November. So I figured might as well wait for the 2nd generation iPad. I am glad I did the device is thinner lighter and same battery life as the previous iPad. It has 2 cameras and it’s a complete complement to my already Mac life.

When I first saw the iPad I didn’t really understand the point as it seemed like a large iPod Touch. But after using it you find that it isn’t really as applications are designed around the larger screen real estate. For an example I use this app called Deliveries to keep track of my Amazon.com orders and just see where things are in the world or when I should be expecting them.



The larger screen makes for a much more functional app from the get go I can see all the details at once instead of having to tap into each delivery like I do on the iPhone. This is just one benefit in one app as many others have different and great features when used on the iPad. I am shocked that Facebook doesn’t have a native iPad app. I had to go find an alternative for $1.99.

I would rather pay for an app then be forced to look at Ads. But I must say if you want a device that you can use while watching TV to control your TV the iPad is one killer device. If you have any questions please let me know and I will be happy to answer them.