Post #1057 – Social Networking

Having been around the internet a few times and seeing things come and go I have made a few observations about social networks. This first major site I ever joined up on was MySpace in 2002 or 2003 I can’t exactly recall. But since the beginning of the site I thought it was doomed to fail. It was slow and cumbersome and it put the major design elements at the hands of the user. Which for me took the site back to the days of the mid 90’s when glitter and background music was the “cool” thing to do. But if you wanted to connect with people it was the place to be. It seemed like a place to sell yourself online and I was never a huge fan of that platform.

I opted to setup my own site because I figured that would be where things would be going. So the first domain name I ever purchased was and I used blogger as the blogging platform. Because I thought XM satellite radio was the most amazing thing on earth. Mainly because I was in Indiana and well the radio and music variety was rather limited. I then moved to Sirius satellite radio and got rather bored with that after I moved back to Seattle. So I got Lately I have been debating moving away from to or something like as a domain name. But save that debate for a future post.

But lately I have felt like blogging isn’t really my style I like the short little quips that I can post on twitter from my iPhone or iPad. I enjoy the interaction from twitter and reading about a whole group of strangers. I have some friends that I know on there in real life and always enjoy that experience. I feel like twitter is a hive mind of people that I want to follow. Since I prefer twitter I have it update the other social network platform that is the king of the world at the moment Facebook.

Facebook does okay but I feel like there is so much garbage to dig out of. I find myself blocking every app under the sun so I don’t get flooded with the annoyances of people playing the pointless games. If you have an obligation to a farm in the computer I think your mind isn’t in the right place to push the human race forward. But people are kinda either in the Facebook camp or the Twitter bandwagon.

I feel like the intelligence level on twitter is a great deal higher. For some reason people view it as being more complicated then Facebook. When I see it as just the opposite. Twitter you sign up and all you get is a text box for 140 characters to say whatever. You can mention people in a response and follow people for the latest news. You can either be totally private or not and it’s settings screen is rather simple.

Facebook on the other hand is a giant complicated mess. Have you gone to look at the privacy settings? There are so many things you need to configure on there it’s a rather large pain in the ass and then you have all the clutter all over the page and updates and so forth. But to each their own.

There is a new trend lately “Checking In” at locations which is something I tried for a while. The services I used are Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp. I find these to be annoying getting updates as to what people are doing. The main thought I have when people use these services. Oh so and so is out and broadcasting it to the world. Other people can see this and they are not as honest as myself. I hope that person doesn’t get robbed. Or the other thing I tend to observe “Hey! Hey! Look at me! I am pumping gas or I am buying this” nobody really cares so I don’t bother. Why not check in somewhere cool? I would prefer to see things like “I just got into a fight with a ninja unicorn in Las Vegas at the top of the Luxor here is a picture” but sadly it’s people pumping gas or having dinner.

I guess in the end it’s all about feeling like we are all important. We all are important in different ways but I think posting about how we are doing¬†mediocre¬†things is kinda lame. Probably just like this blog post is rather lame. But if you would like to follow my random encounters with life as they happen you can check me out on twitter.

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