10 Year High School Reunion – Part 2 (The Event)

Ahh to be back and refreshed. Another beautiful Seattle day. Kinda like the day of the reunion. So I sit around and wait at the ferry. Meet up with my lovely company for the evening and I send out some texts to get a status check on everyone. Seems like everyone bailed for catching the 3pm boat out of Seattle to Bremerton.

So sitting on the ferry I am derping around on my iPad. The ferry begins to leave the dock and the doors are open allowing for a nice breeze to come into the cabin. It hits the back of my head and I get an amazing chill. I hear two women sitting behind me say “It just got cold in here I wonder where it’s coming from” I wanted to laugh because I had just said “Man that breeze feels amazing” I guess they don’t pay attention. Then one them started to play on their phone. It was making all kinds of beeping sounds. A woman sitting another bench back looks up at me because I am on my iPad and says “Is that you making all that noise?” I said no my iPad is on silent it’s the women behind me making all the noise. She went “Ohhhh” This woman didn’t seem to take shit from anyone and she said she told some girls dancing one time to knock it off. Silence is golden. She got up and moved a few minutes later. It always drives me nuts when people have alerts on their phone turned on. I keep mine on vibrate and don’t even bother with custom ring tones for anyone.

So we dock and hit up starbucks and then walk around Bremerton to find the hotel. Wanting to feel like a pimp for this I got the highest end room possible on the Bremerton waterfront. Shockingly this was only $170 for the night. Go Bremerton Marriott. Check in take a shower and get dressed for the evening. While we are hanging out waiting for Darin to get back from his afternoon with Kacey. We ponder where to go for a meal. Since Anthony’s is right there on the Bremerton waterfront we hit up the Happy Hour. The service was great for getting drinks and the meal was pretty darn good. The coolest part about this restaurant was the fact they have a TV above the urinal. So you are using the bathroom and you can watch TV. After this we take some pictures with Darin’s crazy camera and then head over to the reunion.

It was kinda cool to walk and start seeing people I knew and many faces that I didn’t. There was some food going around but I really wasn’t going to have any of it. I went and found an empty side of the room and people just started walking up saying. “Hello” and “How are you” got a few what have you been up to. But I was mostly trying to make conversation with everyone else. Ask about life the past 10 years. Most of the stories involved people working or having children. I didn’t hear anything like “Oh I went to India for 5 years and found a new way to build wells for local villages” But maybe I ask a bit too much. But would have been cool to hear. But basically everyone has been doing the same thing I had been doing. Trying to stabilize themselves.

It was interesting to observe the crowd I pretty much just spoke to the people I knew in high school but hadn’t seen since then. Which was pretty cool caught and so forth. But the night went on and tried to walk around and speak with everyone. But I really wasn’t feeling most of it. Had some drinks and noticed that everyone just kinda grew back into place. Everyone was doing the same thing I was doing. Just talking with the people they talked to in high school. I don’t regret going at all and had a really good time.

One of the best parts of the evening was when we left the building and went down the street and found a pizza place that left out all of the outdoor seating. Took a seat with a few buddies and chatted everyone up that went walking by. Got some kudos for putting together the site. We also got invited to some redneck bar to go have some drinks. But I was pretty tired fitbit said I logged over 13,000 steps that day which is pretty awesome. When everyone seemed to have vanished went back to the hotel and passed out and woke up early got some breakfast. Hopped on the Bremerton ferry back to Seattle on a lovely seattle drizzly day.

I apologize that this took so long to get published. I had forgotten to hit the publish button. But it’s out there now and I hope all is well with everyone.



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