Something you didn’t know.

When I was living on Bainbridge Island and commuting back and forth across the ferry everyday I was one tired dude. I would need to be on the 6:20am ferry out of Bainbridge to get to Seattle by 7am and walk 2 miles to work everyday. Then 2 miles after work when I got off at 5pm to be on the 6:30pm ferry out of Seattle. I was not getting much sleep and when I had to walk the few blocks uphill from the Ferry i would need to get psyched up. Having my iPod with me I would get motivated to walk up the hill by playing the Superman Theme. The wonderful piece composed by John Williams. If you have not heard you are living in cave. YouTube link is below.

I loved superman as a child. I had superman pajamas with the cape that attached with velcro. I would spin around the room constantly. Climb up on chairs and jump off with the hopes that I would be able to fly. When I didn’t have on superman pajamas it was towels or blankets as makeshift capes.

But being 23-26 I couldn’t put on a cape and just dart off the ferry with commuters. I had to move at a brisk pace while being beyond exhausted. John Williams composed a brilliant piece of music that inspired me.

It got me home and thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.