Well it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. Back in October 2011 I started a journey to lose weight. I have lost over 130lbs and continue along every day. Losing all of this weight has prompted me to start a few new hobbies. I have been biking to work since end of April. I picked up a bike in October of 2012. I got to ride a few times before it got super cold and I had to put the bike away for the winter. 

April came around and I signed up for Bike to Work month which is the wonderful Month of May. I got about 130 miles logged on my bike before I crashed on a bridge and almost broke my big toe on my left foot. That was a setback and I was rather disappointed to post to my team that I couldn’t ride my bike anymore. I had a boot on my foot and I had to wear it for about two weeks. But my foot was still in pain so I basically had to stop riding or doing any exercise. My foot was in so much pain. 

But that is all done and been biking to work. I still don’t like going across that bridge so I added 3.5 miles to my bike route to avoid it. But the extra distance is awesome. I must say I love to ride my bike and constantly find an excuse to ride it more. 

Now onto new hobbies for my future. Scuba Diving and Motorcycles. We shall see what happens.