Some Accomplishments and Travels

So last Tuesday I turned 31 years old. I got many e-mails and facebook posts telling me that this year would be the best ever. I must say every year lately has had it’s up and downs. But I really do think that this year has many things to unlock. 

A few weeks ago I became a certified Open Water Diver from PADI and I got my card in the mail. I am so happy to finally have that taken care of. I didn’t give myself the most amount of time to get it done. But I now have 6 dives under my belt in Puget Sound. Talk about some cold water. 

For the long holiday weekend the girlfriend and I are visiting Vancouver, BC. Hopefully the weather holds out and we can go for a bike ride around Stanley Park. 

I will hopefully take a video of the experience and we can see what will happen. If anyone is still reading I would love to hear from you.