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Back in 2007 I got asked to come in for Jury Duty when I was living on Bainbridge Island. I wrote a recap of the entire experience and got asked if I could revise it for the Kitsap County paper the Bremerton Sun. Now known as the Kitsap Sun which was probably one of my […]

Looks like the local newspaper the Kitsap Sun. Discovered my little rant about Jury Duty on their Crime and Justice Blog. I got contacted by the editor of this blog a week ago and asked if he could link my blog. Well this has prompted some feedback about my use of language. I understand […]

So here is the layout of my day yesterday since I was rejected as a juror. It was kinda like the feeling where you spend hours hanging out with a girl only to find out the entire time you were hanging out with them they go with someone else. You kinda want to say Fuck […]

I am on Jury Duty notice all this week. Today Tuesday. My number got selected and I get to go in and be run through the process. I will let everyone know how it goes. Updates via Twitter on the sidebar or you can check out. For the most up to date information. I […]

I started actually looking at the site tonight and noticed that every single twitter weekly update gets logged into the “blog” category. I could see how that could get annoying if you just want to filter on actual real blog posts so I am working on cleaning up the database to put these updates into […]