I figured since I love all my readers so much I would give away a brand new 8GB iPod Touch! To win the contest you must visit the link below and complete the following. All you need to do is get to the end of the roll and if it says you are winner […]

Well they released a security update to the application that runs this blog. So I tried it out on my test server and now it’s running on this one. So pages seem to be a bit snappier or maybe that’s because I fixed the caching module. So we are running v2.2.1 at the moment if […]

Looks like I got a quote up for a review of this software I use for Podcasting called Ubercaster  “It’s like a mac podcasters wet dream.”( My contribution to the history of the internet.  It’s cool to be featured on such things. =)

I was minding my own business today. Then my Motorola Q starts going off that I have an e-mail. So I go check it out and find this in my Inbox. Dear Tristan, A few months ago, you downloaded the single “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell. Unfortunately, you were charged $1.49 rather than […]

For some unknown reason to me the Internet Explorer users of the world have been sending me a great deal of e-mail about this. I never use Internet Explorer since you can no longer get it for Mac since Microsoft admitted defeat in that realm with Firefox, Safari, Camino and Opera being the key players […]

I was crusing around the interwebs last night and for some reason I went to and was checking out the Office for Mac Blog and saw an article about how Office on Mac is 10 years old today and they did up their office building with sticky notes. So I went to one of […]

Well it appears that something is going crazy recently. Only happens when I am at work. But I think my iPod might have some sort of ghost or something is going crazy. So I will be sitting here exploring the work related issues and then I will hear some noise coming from behind me. I […]

This is one amazing sexy looking device. Now I love this phone. I love how it works and how Mac like it is. But the prices are $499 and $599 for the 4GB and 8GB in respect. Also the fact that it is on cingular is also a bother. Because looking at the plans for […]