Well the sexiness has not appeared. Ubercaster is now in Public Beta! Let the podcasting begin for us OS X users. I was running some test last night over Skype with the Mike E. But I was running into an issue with my microphone not being heard but Skype was working great. This is Beta […]

Sanity will be arriving July 24th 2006! It will be beautiful! It will be Sexy! It will be probably the most useful device ever! And I was choosen to Test it Before the World! But things will be happening on Sunday also. Nothing nearly as cool though.

I started a new job at my job. It has really been taking all my time. Yesterway was so crazy I had forgot to take a lunch and I worked an extra hour. So I put in 10hrs yesterday. The day before was a little less hectic but still 9hrs. Monday was 9hrs also. Have […]

While I edit this monster I have learned a few lessons. iChat and Garageband although easy caused a lot of crashes so me and my wonderful new cohost had to deal a lot with crashing so we would be talking and all of a sudden I would say. “NOT AGAIN DAMNIT” So I should have […]

Well to get the files off my Hard Drive I have the Contacts and the Music Solution solved. The iPod has all my music and all my contacts. I just would like to have all my e-mails cause I am anal like that. Also some unreleased podcasts and iLife 06 are now lost that I […]

Now it takes a lot to get me going. But when I hear a “grrrr” sound form my laptop my heart tends to stop beating. Then I can’t decide if I want to cry or punch someone in the face or whatever. So I did what every tech guy does try’s to recall from memory […]

I have been going crazy. I updated all my podcasts because of this problem yesterday. Which involved a resubscribe and redownload. It took a great deal of time to download every episode of MacTV for the Video iPod. I lost all the episodes of Rocketboom just not cool. My visit to the apple support forums […]

I heard this site on the Daily Source Code a Podcast hosted by one of idols I guess Adam Curry I get a lot of IM’s saying “I don’t have an iPod how do I listen?” or “What is a podcast?” I haven’t found any real clear way to say this. My technical mind wants […]

Due to my time limits the iTunes Subscribers will get it today. It’s my first “iTunes Enhanced Podcast” Saves me from some work. So if you have iTunes you will get some cool new features. The MP3 Version will be along tomorrow when I have time to re-encode the file. A lot of sneak previews […]