So last Tuesday I turned 31 years old. I got many e-mails and facebook posts telling me that this year would be the best ever. I must say every year lately has had it’s up and downs. But I really do think that this year has many things to unlock.  A few weeks ago I […]

Well hey there internet. It has been a while since I last wrote to you. Last time I posted was in July of 2013 about biking. That has been an odd journey. I have had two bicycle accidents since I have started. The most recent one in October. I had to have surgery on my […]

Well 2013 has begun. It shall be an interesting journey. I am rather excited to see what happens. 2012 had a great deal of change. I am always shocked when I feel like nothing has really happened. Then I take some time and look back and see many accomplishments and things to work on for […]

Have been working on adding some content parity that we had with the old But running into some issues with the new blogging engine. WordPress had a plugin for everything. I am trying to go for a more streamlined interface. I would like to have the site with this functionality before I leave on […]

I have moved hosts and currently have everything moved away from I have been checking all of my content and it should have all been moved over as expected. Thanks for taking the time to come and read the new site and check out the new design. I will be attempting to add more […]

What’s up blog readers. Currently working on moving hosting providers. Hopefully have this completed in a few weeks.