Just got the wordpress app for my iPhone thought I would try to write a blog post. This seems better for short form but it works. Hope life is treating everyone well miss hearing from everyone. Trying to update twitted more and keep contact by emailing people now that I am a proper mobile device. Keep in touch.

Hello MySpacers

Well I was getting tired of people who still seem to enjoy the hell of myspace. So I found a solution for my blog that will automatically update my myspace blog letting people know I updated my real blog. So you are reading this now as a test that this new system works.

I hope all is well with the myspace world.

Flash Player Has Failed for the Last Time Emperor

So I have had this problem that has been bugging the crap out of me. For some reason I went to a website that wanted a newer version of flash player so I installed it and ever since then anything flash has not worked on the powerbook. So I have tried the Uninstaller and the Installer from Adobe’s website to solve this issue since that is all that their help had to offer. But the plugin would never show up in the list of plugins in Safari or Firefox. It didn’t work in Opera either but my experience with that software is rather limited.

So I searched Google and Forums and nobody was really offering any feedback that was anything that I hadn’t already tried. So last night I thought I would power through this problem because I had some free time and there were some e-mails with youtube video links. For a temporary fix I was taking the youtube links and pasting them into vixy.net and creating a quicktime file to download. Which was rather time consuming but hey sometimes you just need a laugh.

So I wanted to see where the plugins were installed on the Mac. So I found out they had a filename that went like this.


So I used spotlight to run a search for that plugin file name and found they were located under the following directory tree

/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

And I found a few flash player files so I deleted those. Since it is in a rather scary directory I had to type in the admin password for the device. That is one thing I love about Mac’s it won’t let you fuck it up unless you are really trying to on purpose.

So I deleted those and then tried to install flash player again. It was throwing me an error that I don’t have enough permission to do so. So I tried to run the installer from the command line using sudo which wasn’t really getting me anywhere.

So I figured that I needed some more permission so I loaded up Quicksilver and used it to launch NetInfo Utility. Went looking for users and found my username. I was assigned a UID and GID (User and Group ID) of 501. So I changed it with this utility to 0 which is the root user UID.

Doing a little research I found out a simple command in terminal could have fixed my issue for changing UID as well

sudo niutil -createprop . /users/userName uid XXX

This does create one issue with changing file owners but I didn’t think about that at the time. So after the change was made I logged out and then logged back in. Installed flash. Launching the NetInfo Utility and changed my UID and GID to 501 again and then logged out and back in again.

After I log back in I find that all of my desktop settings have changed so that took a little brain time to figure out how to change how everything was displayed but that was quickly resolved and youtube is working again. Which prompted a twitter update.

I know this is rather technical and most people will just blow this off but I thought I would share my experience in case a future google search user runs into the same problem I had where flash player just stops working.

So nice being able to see that Kitty Kat Finally Dance

Eyeball Inspection with Other Things

Hey Everyone! Comments are down was wondering how everyone has been. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Lets see what did I do. Oh I recall Friday had a few beers on Friday and then went home and went to my friend Nick’s house. It was also Jason’s Birthday since my comment didn’t post to your myspace here is my thoughts on the matter.

Jason's Happy Birthday Cake

But watched the Departed again. I really love that film. I had to go see it in the theater in the solo fashion. But Nick’s mom was watching it with us. I must say that she doesn’t handle swearing or violence in films that well. I don’t really understand that fact it’s never really been a bother to me. Then we kicked back and watched some Red Dwarf and hung out.

I called Ollie on Friday night and I figured the best way to settle the issue was to be the bigger person and here is the summary of my voicemail. “A lot of bullshit seemed to happen. I don’t see us ever in agreement about this issue. I am going to let the past be the past and be an adult and move forward. Let Bigons be Bigons we have a long history and I hope we both can accept that and move along.” Didn’t get a call back but he went to Jason’s Dinner on Saturday night and all was good again.

But Saturday morning I had to get up and go to the Eye Doctor. I hadn’t been in 3 years and my glasses are in horrible condition. One nose piece is missing. The other doesn’t have the soft padding so it tears up the right side of my nose. They are all bent to hell and don’t fit at all. So I went to the Eye Doctor and my eyes are a little worse. But nothing major but time for new lenses anyways. I picked out a nice pair of the FLEXON frames they are cool as hell you can bend them as you wish and they weigh nothing and I got the scratch coating and the glare coating. Then I had to go back in and the doctor put this yellow goop in my eyes that made me have like lazy eyes. She did some thing looking into them. It would seem that there is something wrong with my right eye that she wasn’t really clear on. She wanted to check it when my glasses arrived to see if it was just some odd thing.

To be honest I have been a little worried about it. Usually I am not one to worry but I have been pondering over the past few days what it would be like not being able to see. But just a thought I had been pondering.

Me and the KGB Mafia Man decided to part ways because of our beliefs. Which I am not really clear on but life takes it’s own paths and might as well enjoy the journey.  Not sure what I am going to do with fromseattlewithlove.com

But Saturday went to get some Pho with Jason and we kinda just putzed around all day. Ran into Hans and Daniel at Chungs and me and Hans talked about Windows Vista and probably made Danile and Jason want to rip their skulls out and beat us to death with them. But that didn’t happen.

I think I have found the phone I am going to be using for the next 2 years. The Motorola Q. Craig has one and they seem interesting. T-Mobile offered me the T-Mobile Dash for $149 instead of $199.

Sunday went and hung out with The Mick and we saw Ghost Rider. That movie was just blah. I really don’t recommend it.  I did find one part slightly amusing Eva Mendes.

Eva Mendes from Ghost Rider

She was wearing the same ever so cleavage revealing top in the movie. That that I was complaining it gave the movie some value. But it was always the same top but either a different color or a different jacket over it.  Other then that Nicholas Cage didn’t really make the film for me. I just couldn’t find one great thing to say other then nice cleavage. So I will give this film a rating of 17 out of 348 total possible score.

But anyways it’s Monday I am not really with it yet.  Need to get my brain back into thinking mode. Talk to you soon.

Pimping some iTunes

Apple iTunes

Well I have had this album on preorder for a while now. The new Tenacious D. The Pick of Destiny. I must say it’s a rather catchy tune. I just want to go around screaming “It’s a Pick of Destiny” I should record myself saying that. You get the CD Covers and a video with the whole deal the Time Fixers. Yes I make some cash if you click on it. More if you download a few songs.

And always if you need to catch up on Heroes you can grab the episodes for $1.99 a pop. Tonights episode was awesome. I always await Monday at 9pm. It’s good to finally have something that isn’t shit on TV.

Apple iTunes

Just trying to pay some bills. Pimp some stuff I like. =) Also if you haven’t picked up the king of all media players. The iPod I also got the hook up for you on that.

Apple Store

Alright I am done paying the bills. I make 5% of your purchases if you click the link and go buy something in iTunes. The hardware has a variable pay scale. So anyways enjoy. Happy clicking. Thanks for reading.

RTFM People

So this is something I would have to say to myself. I was speaking with Jennifer#1 on the phone this evening and she mentioned that the comment system was not working. So I was trying to figure out why. It worked with my old webhost and then I got to thinking. No hidden files were copied over to the new webserver. So I went to check out the documentation online for wordpress on what was required to get the comments to work. I guess someone had the same issue that I did so thanks to the help he was offered I was able to get the issue resolved so it’s a simple fix.

If you can comment on a DreamHost Hosted Blog that was migrated to Dreamhost. Here are the steps to fix it.

1. SSH into your address
2. CD to your Domain Name
3. vi .htaccess
4. Paste In

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/stats/(.*)$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/failed_auth.html$
RewriteRule ^.*$ – [L]

# BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php

# END WordPress

5. Esc in Vi
6. Type in :wq
7. Test Your Comment System
8. Bask in the Glory that it is working.

So when it comes to RTFM it stands for. Read the Fucking Manual. People seem to think I know everything about computers. IN all reality I do not know all that much. I just take the time to read the manual. You wouldn’t have to bitch so much about how support for Product “A” sucks if you would just read the manual.

I love when a company has a PDF for the manual that I can just load into Preview type what I am looking for and Spotlight and Preview find what I am looking for and I can get back to working along. I don’t mind the call from a friend. How do I get “A” to work? Spoil Me a Bit get me some Spring Rolls from Chungs and I am yours for the help.

But if I get a phone call from a friend with something like “My Work Blocked MySpace how do I get around it I need to do this in a hurry.” with no casual chat or witty banter and I can call you a fool for using MySpace in the first place well then I am not really going to help you with your issue. You are just trying to use me and I will get off the phone with something like “I don’t know anything about computers. Best of luck to you in your issue” But take some time people. Read the manual or I will poke fun at you because you choose the lazy route and called me.

I am not a big fan of asking for help all the time. So I try to exhaust every other resource possible before doing so. That is how I know what I know and do what I do. So pardon me for not having so much sympathy if you choose not to do the same.

Cheers to the week starting over. Love to those who need it. Hugs to the Rest. Lets hope this week passes by with as little stress as possible. If you downloaded Internet Explorer 7 do yourself a favor uninstall it. Get Firefox your life will be a lot easier and you will be much safer online. Or just get a Mac and life will be perfect.


Coming Soon to Headphones Near You – Update

Well I am still editing this show. Had an issue with an extended work day I did not plan on so that is my only reason. I also updated the core of the site so the posting delay issues of the past should all be removed. I went from a 7 second load time on the admin section to a 3 second so that is a nice update.

I am interested in hearing what Junniper has to say about the comment speed. So I hope everyone enjoys the update. Also interesting new blog I came across Nobody Asked Me by another Jennifer. She’s an Entourage fan she is cool in my book.

Also Tale of Drinking Part 2 is in the final edit. Passed on to the editing gnome. Send me some love.

206.973.7886 or Contact Page on the Right

Time Has Escaped Me

I started a new job at my job. It has really been taking all my time. Yesterway was so crazy I had forgot to take a lunch and I worked an extra hour. So I put in 10hrs yesterday. The day before was a little less hectic but still 9hrs. Monday was 9hrs also. Have to love the overtime but man. I need a nap. Beer Friday Tomorrow. Expect a Text Message if you Rock.

The tail of Drinking part 2 hasn’t been finished simply because I have been busy or just way tired. I have a little side note from last friday and making a visit to the bar for Katie’s 21st Birthday. Well all of last weekend is a story to tell. Okay Friday after work and beer friday at work I will write some blogs. I will bring the laptop and do some writing. I need to get back to it.

Looking at the Unix Console over Serial Cable using Hyperterminal and Tera Term Pro and the Piece of Shit Windows Command Prompt has been getting to me. I need my Mac back. I miss my Dock and Aqua and iTunes and Expose. SAVE ME FROM WINDOWS!

The unix isn’t so bad. Somewhat familiar with the terminal =p

Also looks like we are recording a Podcast this Sunday. Mix Master Tristan will be hosting the TFactor with my excellent Co-Host Lord and Duke of Apache in the land of SQL Mike!