Well it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. Back in October 2011 I started a journey to lose weight. I have lost over 130lbs and continue along every day. Losing all of this weight has prompted me to start a few new hobbies. I have been biking to work since end of April. I picked up a bike in October of 2012. I got to ride a few times before it got super cold and I had to put the bike away for the winter. 

April came around and I signed up for Bike to Work month which is the wonderful Month of May. I got about 130 miles logged on my bike before I crashed on a bridge and almost broke my big toe on my left foot. That was a setback and I was rather disappointed to post to my team that I couldn’t ride my bike anymore. I had a boot on my foot and I had to wear it for about two weeks. But my foot was still in pain so I basically had to stop riding or doing any exercise. My foot was in so much pain. 

But that is all done and been biking to work. I still don’t like going across that bridge so I added 3.5 miles to my bike route to avoid it. But the extra distance is awesome. I must say I love to ride my bike and constantly find an excuse to ride it more. 

Now onto new hobbies for my future. Scuba Diving and Motorcycles. We shall see what happens. 

The Digital Archive Project

Hey Loyal Readers. I was looking at the server logs and noticed I had 15 people active on the site that were not web robots. Which I thought was pretty darn cool considering I have been failing as a blogger lately.

Honestly I have just been feeling a bit overwhelmed and I just need to rearrange parts of my life to get into the swing of things. I really want to get back into the gym thing but life has made that hard. But lately I have been working on archiving the media that my family has created over the years. It can be a long process to watch a tape and sit there with a notepad and mark the parts of the recording that I need to fix later. So I do a tape or two a weekend and almost have all of the tapes recorded that are worth saving.

I am going to work on a bit of a clip show and post it on my personal blog. But again all of this requires time and I don’t find myself wanting to spend it on my laptop as much as I used to. So I will make a clip show a priority of mine.

I also would really like to get back into podcasting again. Get a few other guys or maybe some girl to get on Skype with some microphones and beat out a 30-40 minute show maybe twice a month. Doesn’t really have to be about by dating life as I have had a serious girlfriend for almost 3 years now. Again just more time.

So look forward to a clip show and will see about starting up a podcast again. I stopped at 12 episodes and recently just got delisted from iTunes.  Sad times indeed. But please follow me on twitter if you want to keep up on the pulse of Tristan.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Great Vacation of June 2009 Part 1

Hello Everyone! It has been far to long and I am sorry for that so lets get back on track with my latest update.

So back in Februrary of 2009 I my girlfriends cousin sent out an e-mail to everyone asking if we would be interested in going to Ross Lake in the North Cascades. Me being the Tristan I thought hey why not and my girlfriend said I was going. So that was the end of that.

I didn’t give much thought about it since I haven’t been on a real vacation since before High School. I did some trips out to Indiana when I was dating a girl online back in 2000 but nothing really exciting. I put in a request for some time off work and at that point we were good to go.

A little 411 on Ross Lake Resort.

  • It is a man made lake due to Ross Damn.
  • It’s glacier fed and very cold.
  • There is no Internet or Cell Service.
  • I was going with all of Raleigh’s family.
  • You have to be boated or trucked in or hiked.
  • You are required to bring all of your own food and drink. (Except Water)
  • They have power.
  • You stay in Cabins.

So when the time came and being a bit under experienced in Vacation Lore. It caused me a good deal of stress making sure everything was ready on my end not knowing what I needed or anything like that. When I get stressed out about something the girlfriend usually gets mad at me. So the few days prior there was a great deal of tension in the Pipo Pad. Had to make her understand I had no clue what needed to be done and she had to realize I needed some help and life was good again.

The options for getting to Ross Lake are taking a ferry. Which leaves at 8:00am and 3:00pm. So we were shooting for Sunday June 21st 3:00pm ferry leaving the dock.

We left fairly early in the morning and ran into a few snags. The brake light went out on my girlfriends car so we had to pull over and get that replaced. Then we were back on track for our Northern journey.

On the way up since we had women in the car we had to stop at some Outlet mall. I will still never understand the concept of why going to a store and looking at things is a good experience. I much prefer loading up my web browser going to Amazon finding what I need and since I have Amazon Prime 2 day Free Shipping or I can overnight it for $3.00.

Buying a New Dishware Set on Amazon

Looking at that seems a great deal friendlier and easier to cope with then.  The average visit to a Costco.

Costco on any given Day

So being a bit of a hypocrite I walk over to the Samsonite Outlet store and pickup a leather Passport Holder. I am not sure how long we spent at the shopping establishments but it seemed to long.

So then we hit up a grocery store and tried a KFC Clone and we were on our way. We had 50 miles to drive in 90 minutes. We figured this would be cutting it close but we could make it.

It started to rain and I began to think. I probably should have figured I would need a coat. I didn’t have one so we kinda made a screech into this mini mart place on the side of the road in the North Cascades. They didn’t have any alternatives like a ponch or anything like that. But the nice asian lady offered me a garbage bag for the trip. We bought some $9 bug spray because we felt bad for taking advantage of this poor woman.

Time: 2:28

We still have a ways to go and we get stuck behind this old man driving 35 in the 50. This continued for way to long and when we got to a town with a left turn lane this genius decided to drive in that lane confusing the hell out of everyone else and then he pulls back in front of us.

Time: 2:48

We think we see a sign for the ferry to ross lake and it turns out to be some community for Ross Lake that Seattle City Power setup for the people that work and manage the states hydro electric power.

Time: 2:55

We drive further on the road and finally find the turn off and this turns out into a very high tense situation. There is no boat we see her family’s car. It appears that they have gone and we are kinda SOL.

But all is not lost we have two options at this point. Drive a few miles up the road and hike the “1 mile” down to the lake. Or drive back into town and grab a Hotel for the night.

Well being the city folk that we have become we figure “1 mile” not a big deal we can hike that no problem. Probably take 25 minutes at the max. Well we didn’t account for all the stuff we had to pack in.

So we drive up the road and start to unload the car. I had my Large Laptop Timbuk2 bag and a large duffle bag with clothes. The girlfriend and I also had a large cooler packed with food.

The girlfriend also had her bags that we were expecting to have hauled on the ferry and tossed on a truck. As this was not the case anymore we were hiking all of this in. Raleigh’s mom was also with us and she had a nice rolling suitcase that well was a great idea but wouldn’t do so well hiking down the trail.

Here is a basic outline of the trail.

The Hike

The sign and all the adverts on the website claimed this to be “1 mile downhill”. After this hike I don’t believe that was a mile for one second.  I used to walk 2.3 miles to work and from work everyday. I think I have a pretty good mental grasp on what a mile is. That wasn’t no mile. I would say 2 miles.

Which still wouldn’t be that bad but I had two heavy bags and had to carry half of a cooler. My girlfriend was carrying the other side of the cooler so we kinda had a push me pull you type system going on. It kinda looked like this.

Carried Down the Mountain

Everything was loaded up to the max and the trail was not smooth. To start off the trail I had my iPhone with headphones going. The music of choice was the Engadget Podcast. I figured listening to talk of the new Palm Pre would distract my mind enough from carrying all this heavy shit down the mountain. None of us had it easy. Raleigh’s mom had the least amount of bulk. The saddest part of the whole trip down was we couldn’t take all of our beer.

I drank a beer as fast as I could at the top of the trail to make it slightly easier. So with a very mild buzz and Engadge Podcast. With this rather daunting trail carrying all of this crap we began our journey down the mountain. This stopped after 15-20 paces or so.

Raleigh’s mom had this wheeled luggage well I can say wasn’t designed for going down a trail. So I sat down on a rock and waited for thier return with a modified carrying set. We began our trip again. The first look was nice it was downhill and looked promsing until we turned a corner and there was this rather large uphill. At this point I was a cranky son of a bitch. Carrying all this shit down a mountain and now up a mountain.

We got to a clearing and I dropped gear and went and found a spot to take care of nature.

Loaded up my arms and we started down the trail again. We ran into some women who were hiking that kinda gave us this “What the fuck is wrong with you look” they were probably pondering why these people coming down a trail with multiple coolers and so much crap.

This happened a few times along the way. So we eventually reach a spot where we can see a road. The directions we had printed out said “When you see a road take a right and you will see a phone” turns out that phone wasn’t for another 1/2 mile or so.

By this point I was a rather short fuse and pretty much everything was pissing me off. I was at the point where rocks were annoying me. So I recall blurting out obsenities about dinosaurs and how if I ever saw one I would kill it.

It seemed to provide some comic relief but I just wasn’t happy. So when we got to the phone it all went fairly well after that we called for a boat and they picked us up and took us across the lake to our cabin.

The girlfriends Aunt’s were shocked to see us and the neighbors we had were also shocked.

So the ross lake adventure will be continued shortly in part 2. Comments are welcomed.

Holy Crud!

It’s June and been a crazy busy month at that. Now that summer is here every weekend has been planned and full of events. I purchased a new MacBook Pro the ones they announced last Monday. It’s a screaming 2.8ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM and all kinds of awesomeness. iPhone OS 3.0 comes out on Wednesday which will be all kinds of awesome because I will finally be able to Copy and Paste.

I picked up a Flip Ultra HD video camera so that I can record all kinds of awesome videos in HD.  You can check out my adventure the the grocery store here.

But other then doing the life thing. Started going back to the gym. Nice to get back in the groove after a few years of vacation from it. I haven’t lost that much strength and the belly is slowly going away.

But next week I am on vacation and I won’t have any cell phone or internet access so hopefully the world doesn’t blow up while I am gone. It will be odd turning on that vacation auto responder I haven’t used that ever since I got gMail back in 2004.

Well hope to here from everyone soon drop me a line.

Goals for 2009

So I thought I might take the time to jot down a few goals I had for 2009. I don’t like the idea of resolutions because I don’t know they all seem to be broken somehow and most people just say them for a conversation started. So I wanted to get my goals down to make sense of things.

Wikipedia had a nice list of New Years Resolutions.

So lets start with mine.

  • Pay off Credit Card Debt – I have about 2,000 left to pay off. I can do this.
  • Pay off Car Loan – This should be done in May so it’s a bit of a given.
  • Buy a new car. I need to dump mine for something better.
  • I would like to break a 10k gamerscore on XBOX Live. Currently sitting at 8410.
  • I would like to learn a new skill. 2008 I wanted to be a better Grillmaster. I think I have gotten pretty good at the BBQ action. Not really sure what I would like to learn.
  • I would like to obtain a new certification. Perhaps a CCNA or RHCE.
  • I would like to lose weight and build more self esteem.
  • Blog more.
  • I would like to be a better boyfriend, brother and son.

I think that is a good list to go with. I think I can do every single one of those. I will need to come up with a new skill to learn. Anyone have any ideas? What was something that you learned to change your life? I thought maybe taking a human psychology class might be worthwhile. Understand people a little better.

I hope everyone had a great new years and hopefully I still have some readers on this thing. I on the other hand must get back to work.

Post #978 – Say What?

Hey readers! I have been rather slack on updating the blog and because of this readership and hits have gone down. Which is understandable so I am going to work on being a better poster. Pretty much every personal blog that I have ever seen does this every now and then. I used to have aspirations to be a professional blogger. But I didn’t really have the market. Most professional bloggers seem to be well connected in the industry or be females. Being female and having boobs seems to be the number one factor in getting readers. You will instantly attract a great deal of men leaving stupid comments in the hopes that they might be the lucky one that will get to see you naked. But odds are they will meet some other dude who knows very little about their digital life and therefor will not brag about how they got to nail such a female blogger. But as with all my blogs we have found ourself on another tangent. Odd but you would think I am somewhat bitter when I could really care less.

I am writing this at 12:43am Sunday May 25th 2008. When it just so happens that I turned 25 on May 20th. It sometimes has been brought to my attention that 1/3 of my life is now over. Which can be a bit daunting to some. I have never been a real fan of birthdays. For some reason I find myself setting lower and lower expectations every year and find myself getting shafted by things not even making those expectations. Lets see last year I had a dinner at the casino buffet and got some coin and a Wok Accessory Kit. A few days later for another dinner I got ditched at a restaurant by my now current girlfriend. But at least one of those things worked out in the end.

I have been told by some that I have a witty style for writing and that most things I say take a turn on the blunt side and come around for an interesting bit of comedy. But for some reason lately I have been feeling a little down about myself. I would really like to get going back to the gym again. But now with my friends being scattered all around the area I find myself facing the wall of working out solo. Which has never really been my ideal situation. I would prefer to push myself harder and generally require a spotter and like someone that has the same workout ethic that I do. I miss going 5 days a week.

So I am sitting here at my computer desk and I look over at my other monitor stand and see a $1 bill in a wooden custom built frame. That was the first dollar I had ever made working on computers. I fixed a guys computer that was running mega slow. Deleted a whole bunch of software. Ran a virus scan and fixed all his shortcuts since they were all copies of copies. I made $51 dollars for that and that $1 is still in a frame to remind me that it all started from $1.

But it’s rather late and the comedy is just not flowing this evening. I don’t have anything witty to say at the moment. I miss updating the world on myself. You come here to read about me and what’s new. Do you have anything you would like to know? What aspect of my site keeps you coming back hoping for an update? I would really like to know.

Much Happiness and Love to All the Readers. I will be talking to you all soon.
-Tristan Pipo

A Little E-Mail Data – A Note to Noted

I am a huge fan of gMail. I use it for everything. I even have gMail for my domain with several of the domain names that I host. It’s so much easier that way. Well for me anyways. I haven’t switched to the pro account because I don’t just see a use for it as of yet. But here are some current stats of my Inboxes.

You are currently using 478 MB (16%) of your 2843 MB. (gMail)
You are currently using 281 MB (13%) of your 2048 MB. (

Seems like needs some more hot girls to send naked pictures to it. (I say that constantly and I have maybe received 5. Hey how about just some leg shots. Oh yeah!)

But it’s almost dinner time. Having dinner with the family thought I would try my first mobile blog.  I am very exhausted this evening. Had some laser tag adventures today. When you are running non stop for an hour it’s like holy crap I am tired.

I tried some Advil PM last night. Slept like a baby. I can see why people get addicted to that stuff. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do and I don’t get nearly enough of it.

Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend. I am finishing up by having dinner with the parents and then going home to veg out and watch James Bond: Casino Royale. Since I have had the DVD for a while and no real chance to watch it. Then check out Soprano’s and Entourage.

Add me on twitter. 

On a side note the more I play with Facebook the more I like it. I setup facebook to grab Notes from my Jaiku feed at  which is where everything I put on, twitter, flickr, myspace, virb, digg and my other sites blogs and podcasts can be seen what I have been doing all on one page. So makes it super easy to stalk me. =)

Love you Internet friends. If you are ever in Seattle I got free hugs waiting for you.

Some Updates (Tech and Otherwise)

I have been working on the catergory problem and started to file the archives and working on new catergories and getting that going. There is a lot to edit and move and create.

I also got the idea for a FAQ page you may post your questions there and I will answer them as necessary

I also wanted to figure out why the e-mail registrations have not been going out so I have been looking into my webservers e-mail issue. It could be an issue with sendmail or it could be PHP’s mail() function which is not something I have much experience with so been looking into getting that problem resolved which so far is the only major one holding me back.

Or I could just open the comment system but as we saw on the current blog Dave decided to show how much of a moron he is and that is basically why I can do away with him. I got an e-mail from him saying how he liked the new site. I thought it was funny how he was trying to phish to see if I read it or not. Have to love the simplicity of the old text based e-mail clients.

If a currently registered user would like to offer some help with filing the past 600+ posts let me know I would be down for some temporary access permissions for ya.

But as I continue on the journey of a new blog, layout, software we cannot forget about the laptop. It is on my desk hooked up and waiting for it’s new piece of hardware to cheer it up. I was also selected to be in the upcoming Ubercaster Podcast Creation Software Beta Test. It’s like a mac podcasters wet dream. Speaking of the podcast (clicks the podcast catergory). The creation station as the laptop has been dubbed needs it’s life back. But I have been enjoying the liberation. I have most of the tools on Windows that I was used to on the Mac. But just doesn’t feel the same and I really miss the Mac for managing my life. But the web has become the portal for that with the various links on my site. What has the PC user done to me. I was actually reading mySpace and searching for people. What the hell is wrong with me.

But is my Myspace Page Tristan’s MySpace Page actually anything decent? I did change the layout. I put a picture or two on there. The blog on that site makes reference to my Podcast and only that. I have the cliche survey on there. But is it appealing can it inspire someone to say Hello?

I wonder what about my blog does but myspace does not. Probably because myspace has a different group of users it is not really an attractive site to power users like myself but has that dumbed down feel that attracts the rest of the world. Most serious computer people have a small amount of friends on the site. I currently have 99 if I recall which is at the point I can’t really tell who has deleted me or not. Like someone deleted me from their list and my top 8 was off.

I was supposed to go to the gym today but that was canned. Had a couple sausage patties and a nice vanilla protien shake for breakfast and since my cell didn’t ring between 10-11 I went for a nice little walk around the area nice to get some “Fresh Air”. Get some heart rate up.