Welcome to October

Hey Everyone!

We have arrived at October. It has been a rather interesting month so far. My schedule changed at work which has been nice. I got moved to 10-7 last October and was told I would only be on that work schedule for 3 months. Here it is next October and finally getting it changed back. Which is awesome on my end.

Coming up this weekend the girlfriend and I have a fall party to attend. With one of my girlfriends coworkers which should be a good time. I always dig carving pumpkins getting drunk and making scarecrows. I will be posting pictures to Facebook most likely or perhaps my tumblelog. Which if you care to find it’s located at tristan.tumblr.com it’s also a nice aggregation of everything I do online.

But anyways it’s getting a bit late. I think I will hit up a little Beatles Rock Band before I go to bed.


Hopefully everyone has a great week. Send me an e-mail or text message let me know what you are up too.

50 Things

I saw this on YouTube where you just post 50 random things about yourself. Since I don’t feel like counting dots these are going to be numbered but are in no particular order.

  1. When I was a sophmore in High School me and my best friend got in trouble for spamming the Traffic Education Teacher. Cops were involved and everything.
  2. When I was  a child I had a goal to dig to China in my parents side yard. They kept refilling the hole every few months. I learned everything was an uphill battle.
  3. I tend to be very incredibly anal.
  4. I enjoy doing dishes when I am not being told to do them.
  5. I am constantly afraid of getting addicted to something. So I try to moderate everything.
  6. I try to keep my DVD’s in alphabetical order.
  7. I get a kick of doing things that keep peoples perception of me off balance.
  8. I don’t keep many friends just a select group of close ones.
  9. I really can’t stand myspace and prefer facebook.
  10. I enjoy Thai Food way to much.
  11. I drink maybe 2-3 beers a month.
  12. I have never tried any drugs or smoked anything.
  13. I dug my parents first pond when I was 12 for $20. I didn’t realize that 6hrs of work for $20 was getting shit pay.
  14. I really enjoy the MacOS but got tired of pushing it on people.
  15. I have this constant feeling that I never successful at anything but I like the fact that it drives me to try harder constantly.
  16. Almost every girl I have ever dated I have met online.
  17. I listen to podcasts all the time. I hardly ever listen to music.
  18. I once gave two underage girls a ride home because they asked me to. I was freaked out the entire time that I would get called a pedophile for just driving someone somewhere.
  19. I try as hard as I can to be a great guy.
  20. I am fairly quite and don’t say things unless need be. Which usually leads to people thinking I don’t care about them because I tend not to ask questions about people.
  21. I tip way to much because I feel bad. I never tip at coffee shops though. I feel $4 for coffee is enough of a tip. But I will tip $20 on a $30 haircut.
  22. I used to have this dream about how I was trapped in a Winnie the Pooh Scuba suit. I sometimes still have it and freak out every time.
  23. I sometimes get frustrated by people who don’t check their e-mail as often as I do.
  24. I really enjoy Amazon Prime.
  25. I hardly talk on the phone and try to use most of my communication via e-mail and SMS.
  26. When I was 4 years old my family took a trip to Canada and I fell out of a Van in a pancake house parking lot and had to get my head wrapped up like a mummy.
  27. I really dislike having to answer peoples questions that could be resolved if they just performed a quick google search.
  28. I am never sure how long to hug someone that I am not dating.
  29. I have a huge collection of socks that I never wear.
  30. I feel pretty good about not having any negative feelings about anyone.
  31. Whenever an HBO show comes on and does the little “Awwwww” I always do it to.
  32. I get stuck on sayings every now and then. “Delta”, “Pinner” and always feel stupid when people don’t get it.
  33. My current girlfriend has played enough Abba to make me never want to hear them ever again for any reason.
  34. I was really happy to break it off with an ex via SMS. Made me feel pretty good about getting revenge on the opposite sex for all the crap they have done to me over the years. I feel bad about someone having to face that though and would like to apologize.
  35. I update twitter frequently but I always get the feeling nobody cares except when it updates on Facebook and people comment on it.
  36. Growing up my house was the most popular place to be on the street. We had Swings, Tree House, The Digging Spot, We built forts on the rockery. Sometimes I miss being the popular kid.
  37. I chopped wood for 8hrs a day for 3 days in a row for the neighbors to buy a $10 marines hat when I was 11.
  38. I can’t mow the lawn because it will swell me up due to allergies.
  39. I am allergic to most pets. Cats at the highly allergic end. I am allergic to most dogs as well. But I like dogs.
  40. I caught Mono in the 8th grade and missed 2.5 months of school. I almost failed the 8th grade.
  41. I failed Spanish II on purpose because I really didn’t want to take that class.
  42. My favorite soda is sprite.
  43. People who text in movie theaters are probably some of the most annoying human beings alive.
  44. I always enjoy being around people. I am not much of a fan of being alone except when I am feeling burnt out.
  45. I have never really traveled that much.
  46. I always put the peanut butter and the jelly on the same side of the bread then add the dry side on top of the middle. I developed this habit to annoy the crap out of my ex girlfriend. It doesn’t seem to annoy anybody now.
  47. I save everything. Every chat, e-mail everything.
  48. I am really good at playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
  49. The sexiest part of a woman tends to be their legs.
  50. I am honestly shocked I came up with this many things. That I wanted to write something cliche about how I am shocked I came up with this many.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. If you come up with 50 things let me know in the comments and post a link to your 50 things.

Geekery from Amazon

Today Amazon made a delivery to make my day.

Amazon Geekery

We got the Race for a new Game Machine. A book about the story about the processor in the XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3. Read just a few chapters and must say the book has been great so far.

We also have the Die Hard Collection on Blu Ray. Makes for a great visual experience. I really only care about Die Hard 1 and 4. The other 2 I could care less about. But it was cheaper to buy all 4 then buy two as singles.

Then on the bottom in silver we got a new 320GB Laptop SATA drive to toss in the Playstation 3 to replace the 80GB one that the system came with.

I must say I have been loving Amazon Prime. That is probably greater then my Costco membership. It blows away my Barnes and Noble card I think I maybe use that thing 2-3x a year and mainly for Starbucks discounts. When I switch my grocery shopping over to Amazon Prime I will have become fully intergrated with the internet. Mwa ha ha.

I wish I could have some cool power right now like shooting a lightning bolt out of my hands and a cape like the count from Sesame Street with a huge popped collar. That would be the ultimate badass of badass.

Goals for 2009

So I thought I might take the time to jot down a few goals I had for 2009. I don’t like the idea of resolutions because I don’t know they all seem to be broken somehow and most people just say them for a conversation started. So I wanted to get my goals down to make sense of things.

Wikipedia had a nice list of New Years Resolutions.

So lets start with mine.

  • Pay off Credit Card Debt – I have about 2,000 left to pay off. I can do this.
  • Pay off Car Loan – This should be done in May so it’s a bit of a given.
  • Buy a new car. I need to dump mine for something better.
  • I would like to break a 10k gamerscore on XBOX Live. Currently sitting at 8410.
  • I would like to learn a new skill. 2008 I wanted to be a better Grillmaster. I think I have gotten pretty good at the BBQ action. Not really sure what I would like to learn.
  • I would like to obtain a new certification. Perhaps a CCNA or RHCE.
  • I would like to lose weight and build more self esteem.
  • Blog more.
  • I would like to be a better boyfriend, brother and son.

I think that is a good list to go with. I think I can do every single one of those. I will need to come up with a new skill to learn. Anyone have any ideas? What was something that you learned to change your life? I thought maybe taking a human psychology class might be worthwhile. Understand people a little better.

I hope everyone had a great new years and hopefully I still have some readers on this thing. I on the other hand must get back to work.

Christmas List of 2008

So this year has been one amazing year for me. I have seen the purchase of many toys. So I thought I would write up a sane Christmas List. These are in no particular order so her goes what I would like for the Holiday Season.

I can’t really think of much else. Trying to keep things simple these days where life can be complicated. If you were thinking about buying me a tie as something cliche may I recommend This Tie!

Okay there is the list. It might be updated but we shall see how the Holiday Season moves forward. Hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and I hopefully will hear and talk to everyone soon. Next Blog Post will be # 1000. Hooray for me! And Hooray to any of you that have read all 999 so far.

Edit: Fixed the Amazon.com Wishlist. Having Multiple List Catergories Seemed Confusing to Many.


Edit January 2009 – Crossed off the items that I had recieved.

The Playstation 3

Well I guess the time had to come soon enough. I now own the Wii, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. I first made my jump back into consoles back when the Wii was released. I waited from 9pm until 7am in front of a Target in Silverdale that cold November day. Everyone said they would stop by with food and coffee and not a person took the time to show up. Not that I am still bitter or anything about that. But the Wii sits there most days not being used. More of a toy that people always ask about and want to play when they come visit.

The Wii Games that I have currently.

  • Wii Sports
  • Legend of Zelda : Twlight Princess
  • WarioWare
  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Wii Fit

WiiFit isn’t mine it’s Raleighs but all the same she enjoys it. It’s rather gimicky but no real fun games to play and the lack of online play that is actually useful or fun is perhaps my number one gripe with the console. It seems to be a good lure for women. They actually enjoy the system. So I guess I keep it around for that reason. When Raleigh had a Rock Band party a few months ago they seemed to enjoy the Wii more then Rock Band.

Then I picked up the XBOX 360 Elite in May of 2007. This has been the greatest console I have ever owned to date. They rape you on accessories for the console. I had to pickup an extra controller $60 and the Wireless Adapter $90. I also picked up the ill fated HD DVD Drive addon. Now while HD DVD looks beautiful and I thought it would be the winning format I sadly failed in that arena. I have that white drive mocking me every single fucking day. “You spent $200 on me” I look to the right in the DVD case and see The Matrix Trilogy another $100 HD DVD Mockery. Planet Earth HD DVD$70 mockery. Heroes Season 1 HD DVD another $80 mockery. I picked up the Ocean’s 11,12,13 gift set on HD DVD from Amazon for $27 which I thought was a steal at the time. So I have a small but respectable HD DVD collection. I feel like I am the kid on the block that had the Dreamcast. Awesome at the time but quick to die and easily forgotten. I love my XBOX 360 even when I had to send it in for repairs when it quit reading discs all together. Had to pay $100 to renew my warranty for a year and to get it repaired which took 3 weeks.

During this three week social experiment I was going a bit nutty. My thumbs were not getting used as often as I would have liked. Raleigh was going crazy with me not having my video game fix. So after a week or two of not having the XBOX I just break down and buy the Playstation 3. I picked up the Metal Gear Solid pack.

80GB Playstation 3 + Metal Gear Solid 4 + Rumble Controller for $499.

What I was intending to do was pickup the 40GB PS3 for $399 and MGS4 for $60 and the new Rumble Controller for $55 but in the end the bundle was the better deal. The cool thing is that it also plays Blu-Ray discs. Which is generally all around awesome so I can keep up with the next generation format. Most people are thinking “Whatever” in fact I think that is all that Raleigh thinks about my toys. I think that whatever keeps me busy and not bothering her she is happy.

I guess I really have nothing to say. I own all of the current generation gaming platforms.

  • Nintendo DS
  • Sony PSP
  • Nintendo Wii
  • XBOX 360
  • Playstation 3

I have a hard time finding a reason to say “I’m bored” other then I ordered Batman Begins on Blu Ray from Amazon and it’s taking longer then expected to arrive. I hope all is well with everyone else.

My next blog post will probably be about how Sprint is annoying me. It’s currently in the works. This post is kinda like Seinfeld. Nothing was said. A few gripes and we are now more enchriched upon reading this.

Global Warming or Cooling?

So I thought I would tell you about my past few days since well I haven’t done that in a while. So my roommate moved on Tuesday which was a great deal of drama. I was tired of him using my shit all the time and just being a bum with no job. Saturday he tells me he can’t afford rent and would be out by Tuesday.  Which was a whole big drama since I hadn’t seen him for the past few days after that so I take Tuesday off from work to be around to make sure he doesn’t steal anything since I have a great deal of expensive toys. I packed up most of the expensive ones and took them to my mothers house since it would be a safer place. But that isn’t really anything I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about last night.

I go have dinner with my mom every Wednesday night. I try to be a good son and I am told I do a damn fine job. But the people that tell me that are always a little biased in my favor. But hell it’s an ego boost that I am doing something good. Everyone knows I am a little lacking in the ego department. But if you ask Raleigh well she will tell you a different story. 😉

But my mom canceled dinner last night because she wasn’t feeling so well. Which has been the story of the women in my life the past week.  So I had this evening that I usually don’t have so I did my normal geek thing grabbed the laptop. Cooked some Salmon Patties. I tried using Olive Oil this time. It worked out pretty well. I couldn’t really taste anything different. Figured I would try to be healthier in this day in age. Plus this is Washington and everyone is nuts about that kinda crap. For some reason I have never understood most of that gourmet food and it just doesn’t taste that good.

So I had the XBOX going playing some Assassins Creed. I finally accomplished something in that game. So far it’s been a rather fun game but my attitude towards video games has changed since I was a child. I remember playing my Apple II or my Atari back in the day and the games were a challenge to get working let alone to a playable state. But you could play an hour and be done since they were rather simple. But now a game requires like 40hrs of your time and I just can’t sit down to play a game for more then an hour. Other then social games like Guitar Hero or SceneIT. I miss board games but getting people together to play them seems harder then ever.

Okay that was another tangent back on track. So I pause the game to just use the restroom, clean some windows, vacuum the ex roommates room.  I grab the laptop and I have an Instant Message from a girl I went on one date with back in 2005. Which I found to be a little odd. Saying all the guys she dates are losers and full of drama. I replied with “Water Seeks It’s Own Level” and I quickly got prompted with a Fuck You.

This quickly prompted me to laugh and laugh. In all reality it was probably a very asshole comment for me to say. But it was fitting and quick and got to the point. But it made for a good night of Assassin’s Creed and some Halo. The guys playing Halo with me thought the story was hilarious and asked me for her IM Screen Name. Ahh the realm of Halo Voice chat. Some of the most racist hateful 13 year olds. Sometimes I am shocked when I cross a path with someone that speaks english without any accents.

But anyways thought I would share a few stories. Since lately I haven’t shared my life with the blog. Which seems kinda odd to have the blog if I am not telling my life story. February will be a busy house hunting month.

Cheers! -Tristan