The Nerd Handbook

Being a citizen of the world and wanting to better understand things I find myself reading frequently. I don’t really go for many books. If someone recommends a book I find it 100x easier  to look it up on audible and add it to my list and when I get some more credits it downloads and I listen to it.  Since I spend most of my day looking at computer screens, walking, or laying down I really don’t have the time to sit down and pick up a book. Grabbing the iPod and jamming earbuds in my ear seems like a better process to me.

While on the internet I read tons of blogs. I think I subscribe to 55 or so and check a few others via other means. Since blogs link to other blogs and so forth I can find myself in a giant blog nest of articles. But back to the point. I found the above  article via a Stumble I made today. Normally I skim quickly to get an overall idea of what things are about see if there is a general point and move along.

But this link was the Nerd Handbook it goes into some depth about dealing with the Nerds in your life and how they work. I found myself nodding along. It was a good read so if you got some time I suggest you check it out.

But I do have one thing to add. If you ask me why it’s slow when you click on something. I have ideas that pop in my head but I really don’t care. Usually a google search on your end would resolve the issue as it does for me 99% of the time. I guess it really depends on who asks me depends on my urge to help you.