Google Search Results Time

Well I was checking the server log and found some unique ways to get to my site.

On Google.Co.Uk
Size 16 Feet Shoes
That was a pretty interesting search. Not ranked #1 but in the top 10 =).

On Yahoo I got this one.
Imax Resolution
I wrote an e-mail to my engineer friend at IMAX trying to compare the resolution of film compared to IMAX and have been linked to from many other blogs interested in this topic.

The most common words that people use to find my site are.
“body” “napolean” “dynamite” “tristan” “blog” “tag” “codename” “amy” “pipo”

70% of the searches that hit my site are from Google. Yahoo is at 19%. The Most common browser is IE6 at 70.26% of my visitors with Firefox at 25.46%. Windows XP is the most common OS 72.65% of my hits. 9.9% with Windows 2000 and 9.55% with Macintosh. (I love my Mac Users). I have had 4 users on WebTV hit my site since I created it. Looks like 1024×768 is the most common resolution. I remember reading a book saying monitors will never get that high and it’s best to design all sites for 640×480 and high end at 800×600. I run 1280×854 on my powerbook. And my external monitor is 1920×1200. =)

Just some cool stuff for ya.

Useful Site!

I heard this site on the Daily Source Code a Podcast hosted by one of idols I guess Adam Curry I get a lot of IM’s saying “I don’t have an iPod how do I listen?” or “What is a podcast?”

I haven’t found any real clear way to say this. My technical mind wants to explain every little detail of it causing most people’s brains to jump out of their slide into the CD-ROM tray crawl through the internet jump out my USB port and beat my head into the keyboard saying “Shut the Hell Up Tristan I understood Internet and I hardly understand that at all”

So for the people out there I will now present.
It can answer all your podcasting questions in one simple page better then I could ever describe without sending you a link to Podcasting – Wikipedia Entry Which breaks down how RSS 2.0 was created and so forth.

Which I know most of you don’t really care about. Just like you could care less about my complaint against MySpace for not having RSS for the blogs that I can throw into Fireant or Live Bookmarks or RSS Feed’s in Safari.

GMail + Google Talk = Crazy

Well not really but checking out the Google blog as a good SGBB I found this old article that I found rather funny.

Chat + Email = Crazy Delicious

If you are not up with the Google Talk World and a gMail user well you are so behind on the times. They have been testing a new feature where you can actually use Google Talk within gMail. It’s limited in who is testing this. I have been a gMail user since back in the day when you could actually sell a gMail invite for $20+ (Good Times).

I tend to rely on gMail and for my e-mail and calendar software. Skype is my main IM client with Google Talk and then AIM. Then we have the people on MSN Messanger and Yahoo. I can’t say I am a fan of either Yahoo or MSN but people like them. I love Skype I can just hop on have a voice chat with someone and be on my way. Call someone.

Which reminds me for those who don’t like to dial in the cell phone to call the voicemail you can leave me a Skype Voicemail my account is on the right hand side there in blue. But my account name is Tristan.Mac so if you would like to leave a voicemail for the Podcast feel free.

But I get off topic so easily. I should really limit my computer knowledge to something small. I just thought this was clever that an offical company blog had this as a closing remark.

“Now that it’s launching, we’re going to quit working Sundays. Maybe even throw back a few Mr. Pibbs and celebrate with Red Vines.”

Making Reference to SNL Lazy Sunday also for your downloading pleasure in the iTunes Music Store for your Video iPod.

Fixed Podcast! MP3 Later!

Fixed Updated Feedburner Test with Apache .HtAccess Corrections
Okay the problem is Fixed iTunes should be updating with the updated feeds. I forgot how complicated doing things from Windows to a Red Hat Apache server were. Had to download PuTtY and then use vi to edit the .htaccess file because Windows will not edit a .htaccess file locally because the filename extension didn’t work. Notepad wouldn’t open the deal and it was just a pain. So it is all good and working now.


Post #594 – The Podcast and The Test

Well here is some of the nitty gritty have to know info on the down low. Well me and Mike have been working on some pretty damn cool stuff. Which I will put a preview of one such creation in the next podcast. The next podcast I would like to do is the Feedback Podcast where I take all the feedback I have been collecting over the past few podcasts and respond to it.

So if you have anything you would like to say hit up the e-mail, voicemail, or IM and I will be sure to get it into the notes and respond to it. If you do the voicemail that would be awesome love audio comments. If you think I suck feel free to tell me I would love to hear something negative other then some issues with audio quality I am well aware of.

On a Podcast sidenote I will admit this in public that the Elite Stranger Interview I have their answers but I can’t find the audio with the questions. So I have half an interview and I really don’t want to flub the rest. So if Craig is reading this feel free to come kick my ass and we will go have a beer and laugh about how I fucked up.

So anyways back to the feedback cast. I would have recorded this as a podcast on my drive home but I left the Mic on my desk. But on another side note with the release of Episode II it has caused me to be at 46% of my bandwidth that I am allowed per month and it’s only the 6th. I love this! Thank You for making this such a cool thing to do.

On another note I have been looking into a new blogging solution because of some of the limits with the Blogger Engine and API it limits me in some of the things I have been wanting to do. Mainly a few things I would like to have are tagging posts with a catergory. So lets say if you just want to read about how I never go on dates or what girls I have dated and how they are crazy there will be a catergory called Romance under a Catergory of Personal. Something like that 😉 I have been in contact with the Blogger people to see what they can do and we will see where that goes.

I have also signed up with the new site you can run a search for my e-mail and add me as a buddy. It has lots of cool stuff and basically is an online calendar with a social website aka MySpace attached. Love it. I Invited of few of the Blogger Friends.

So anyways Feedback! I want your Feedback! I want to know what you think or any questions you may have that you have thought about from listening to the Podcasts or reading the blog if you wish. I want to hear the Negative, I want to Hear the positive. Call it in (206) 973-7886 and I promise you will be on the show. (Time Permitting Of Course. I don’t want to run 1hr 6mins again unless necessary) All e-mails will be read or responded to. If you have a question for one of my Co-Hosts feel free to call in and e-mail and I will get them on the show.

There has been one piece of feedback I have been getting more then the others. Which I will address on the podcast. And we are going to be trying something new with another project I am involved with I will get on a future show. I have let a few test subjects in on this. They have found it to be rather funny. I have been told “It takes you to a new level. It will be hard to match” Well I don’t think it is all that but it is pretty damn good if I may say so myself.

Again if you think you have what it takes to be a cohost on a future show. Shoot me an e-mail!

Also Make someone smile today. You never know where it may go. I am better at making people laugh. But smiles are always attached to that. It’s like a double freaking Whammy of Joy!

Hmm something Personal… What to write…. Okay here is a bit of news. I won some tickets to the Seattle Symphony for June they are really good seats and I have two tickets. If a local lady is looking to get dressed up for a night at the Symphony I got a free ticket if you want to go. It’s an Alfred Hitchcock deal where they will be playing all the music from all of his movies with a screen behind them I am told. Should be pretty damn cool if you are into movie scores and classical music. Maybe I should have a contest for this. Ahh that’s probably a bit much. I am sure the KGB Mafia Man will come on here with a comment offering his Sage Advice. He’s one of the few people that has no problem calling me a dumb ass to my face. He has my total respect for that.

Happy Blogging and Hunting. This is the Tristan of the Pipolo Saying Have a Good One. And Smoke me a Kipper I will be Back for Breakfast.

(After doing all that I have noticed my mind was on this odd voyage of random thought. Have to love a blog.)

New Blog Software!

I am testing this new blogging software since it offers some new features that Blogger has not put in yet. Like the default RSS feed instead of ATOM which many people are like huh? But it works on the level that I need. It also has catergories so lets say you only want to read about my Personal Life you can only see those posts. Or if you just want to see how my Love Life is doing you can view the sub topic of Romance off the Personal Topic.

I am currently working on getting all the links imported over so I can change that over it will also require users to register to comment. They system is currently setup like this.

Anyone can register. I have to approve your first comment to post and after that you are free to post freely without having the delay. If a certain user is causing problems I can ban that user and not have to deal with that person being a pain Also a new link system. I am excited to see where I can take this.

But Anyways. For the time being the blog posts are going to be exactly the same on each blog. Just for testing purposes every blog I write will appear on both sites. Until I can make a decesion. Anyways Happy Blogging.