I have been working on “June Vacation Part 2 ” since those stories tend to be a great deal more epic I like to put more effort into them. Making cheesy pictures and finding related links, etc that takes a while and only work on those in my freetime. This is a blog post that I decided to start at 10:37pm at night and just a bit of free form thinking composed into the digital realm.

I purchased a new MacBook Pro and have found myself undertaking other projects mostly cutting together videos for mostly personal use. Things I have captured for my family etc and been publishing those internally. I miss the blogging realm when I felt like I had a bunch of people reading. But lately I feel like my blog has become a lost cause in some ways. They say that a place with people in it attracts more customers. I tend to think a blog is like that as well. The more people read it the more people want to read it. Currently my RSS feed has 26 subscribers by my count and my Podcast still has 16. It was recently removed from the Apple Store since it hasn’t been updated in two years. But I like the thought that 26 people still subscribe to the blog.

I feel like since I finished school and got an internship that turned into my full time career I have been shoved into what the American Adult should be. I have a career and I get up at the same time every day and go to work and find myself learning and pushing myself constantly. Working in the IT world is always interesting I must say. It never stops evolving. I love my job and happy to be employed but sometimes a bit more variety would be nice you know. But work is work and you can’t really expect things to be different all the time. But it’s like I never expected being an adult to be the same all the time. I was never warned of this and none of my previous jobs gave me any clue since they were always rather free form. You are doing Job A today and Job B tomorrow under the same roof. But who knows maybe this is a bit of a slump.

I have been in a relationship for two years now. She is a wonderful and amazing girl. But we have our moments like everyone does. I remember being single and going on all these dates with women that didn’t really fit me. I think it was more about finding some female attention then a real companion. A great deal of women I found to be rather insane. But I was also a great deal younger then and it seems like as I age women also begin to make a bit more sense. I had a few do a bunch of mean stuff to me and I got to do that to one woman. I felt like a dick about it afterwards then she did that typical thing that women do say some mean things about me and life went on. I still have yet to figure out why women always need to have the last word in every argument. But I am happy now and I try to make my girlfriend happy.

Friends seems to be an odd topic as well I think that goes along with the adult thing. Most of my friends all live at different distances and it makes it hard to go and see them. I still chat with them online or via SMS or phone but face to face contact it all has to be scheduled with everyone now. It’s not like the days of old where I could call a few people and say lets hang out. I kinda miss those days but kinda don’t. Like it used to be “Hey I’m Bored Fix It” sent off to a bunch of people in my phone. Group used to get together and just hang out and it was great. I just don’t find myself doing that lately. Most of the people I hang out with and call my friends are coworkers. Which is great but at times I miss my other friends. There are internet friends as well they can be cool the people that follow me on Twitter and my Facebook friends they are cool and all. But again the whole internet thing can be scary for some people. I send out a twitter update “Anyone wanna go see a movie” I don’t get many responses and if I do they are things like “I would but I am in Spokane” the thought it nice but I also don’t see the point in responding if you can’t go. That is a bit of a mixed bag and would love to dive into the social networking trend of quizzes later.

But as with all things this post must come to an end. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope everyone will continue to do so.

It’s Still March!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read this amazingly awesome blog post. I have been getting reports that if you come to and then refresh the page that you get an error. But if you just visit the page this doesn’t happen. So my advice is don’t click refresh. This is due to the nature of calls that the website makes if a few people do it at the same time it can push me over the amount of connections I am limited to at any given second and clicking refresh will resolve the issue. With that said On with my life.

So since my last post was in the beginning of March. So you need to be caught up. Two Thursday’s ago my foot started to hurt. It was just a slight pain not a big deal. But the pain started to get more intense. Like to the point where I had to throw up the pain was so intense. I could hardly walk and this was annoying me so I was cursing a great deal and keeping Raleigh up.  So on Friday I was late for work because I had to go to the doctor. They told me it was some tendentious action and take some Aleve and my foot would be all good. It took almost 24hrs for the pain to go away but it did.

That weekend I really don’t recall what happened. I don’t remember it being very exciting. I have noticed that as I grow older it seems that most of life gets over run with sameness. I get up same time. Walk out the door at the same time. Catch the same bus. Sit in the same seat. Get off at the same stop. Go to the same job. Fix different things. Come home and do the same thing but with slight variations.

I guess this is the human condition since we don’t need to be constantly hunting or finding drinking water. I can see why some people go nuts. But I also see that we have the methods to keep people that are nuts still around. For example you have some guy who isn’t all that bright. Chances were higher that a Puma would find his stupid ass in the woods and idiot wouldn’t be around to breed anymore. Most idiots don’t get attacked by Puma’s anymore. Since they can get all their resources for living without having to deal with Puma’s. Seems like a good idea to me is to have a city surivial force of Puma’s and other various vicious animals around just to get that fear going. If moron A can’t make it to the bus stop without a Tiger attacking him odds are he won’t be breeding.

But I always have ideas like that. I mostly get told “Why do you waste time thinking of such things” or “You are such a dork” or “You are so weird” most of the people that get past this initial shock value of being around the Tristan of the Pipo find me to be an overall good guy. Took my current girlfriend a long time to realize this and pretty much everyone I have ever known.

So anyways week went on and I felt very productive. Friday came around and I didn’t really do a whole heap on Friday. Went home and chilled. Saturday was an interesting day. The Nick and J-Monster came over from Kitsap. I got to meet Justin’s new girlfriend. I will not butcher her name by typing it but she was cool in my book. She is very social and that is the type of person I dig because you don’t have to say much and you can be interested and make their day. So went and hitup SushiLand on Queen Anne Hill. I have seen one of these in Portland, OR as well. I am sure the Junniper will chime in and have many awesome things to say about me.

What has been interesting about Junniper and her blog and my interaction with her.  We exchange the occasional e-mail. Most of the time it’s like “Hey look how Portland messed up” or something I find about garfield. I have spoken to her on the phone once. Caught me off guard when I was hanging out with the KGB Mafia Man. She was at the SeaTac airport. I think she was trying to stalk me. What is also rather funny is how the times I am in Portland she is out of town. I can picture being 89 one day and getting on my floating wheelchair disc and going down to Portland and being like “Ah Ha! We finally meet!” Then that being it I go back to my Evil Mountian of Power in Seattle.

But that was a random tangent. I really have nothing to say just kinda doing a brain dump so there are probably tons of spelling and grammar errors. It’s never been my style to really fix them either. If you would like to make an attempt at being me in a funny manner. You could shoot me an e-mail and your parody post. I would be happy to give it a post.

So Saturday some friends and I went to Sushiland and then went and saw Watchmen in IMAX. What is awesome is that a standard movie ticket at a theater costs $10. The IMAX films cost $11. Plus you don’t have to deal with stupid public fuckers and them using cell phones. The most annoying movie theater people that need to be locked in portable toilets filled with bottle rockets and kicked off a building are the ones that keep their Bluetooth Headsets on. So you get that blinking blue light. They look like annoying ass cyborgs that ruin the movie. I wish someone would kick them in the skull when they walk in with those things.

After that we went to some bar called Pesos for like 15 minutes and then left and went home and passed out.

Sunday I went to my Grandpa’s birthday brunch came home and was tired.

I have no ending for this post so I place a few random periods…   .. ..

50 Things

I saw this on YouTube where you just post 50 random things about yourself. Since I don’t feel like counting dots these are going to be numbered but are in no particular order.

  1. When I was a sophmore in High School me and my best friend got in trouble for spamming the Traffic Education Teacher. Cops were involved and everything.
  2. When I was  a child I had a goal to dig to China in my parents side yard. They kept refilling the hole every few months. I learned everything was an uphill battle.
  3. I tend to be very incredibly anal.
  4. I enjoy doing dishes when I am not being told to do them.
  5. I am constantly afraid of getting addicted to something. So I try to moderate everything.
  6. I try to keep my DVD’s in alphabetical order.
  7. I get a kick of doing things that keep peoples perception of me off balance.
  8. I don’t keep many friends just a select group of close ones.
  9. I really can’t stand myspace and prefer facebook.
  10. I enjoy Thai Food way to much.
  11. I drink maybe 2-3 beers a month.
  12. I have never tried any drugs or smoked anything.
  13. I dug my parents first pond when I was 12 for $20. I didn’t realize that 6hrs of work for $20 was getting shit pay.
  14. I really enjoy the MacOS but got tired of pushing it on people.
  15. I have this constant feeling that I never successful at anything but I like the fact that it drives me to try harder constantly.
  16. Almost every girl I have ever dated I have met online.
  17. I listen to podcasts all the time. I hardly ever listen to music.
  18. I once gave two underage girls a ride home because they asked me to. I was freaked out the entire time that I would get called a pedophile for just driving someone somewhere.
  19. I try as hard as I can to be a great guy.
  20. I am fairly quite and don’t say things unless need be. Which usually leads to people thinking I don’t care about them because I tend not to ask questions about people.
  21. I tip way to much because I feel bad. I never tip at coffee shops though. I feel $4 for coffee is enough of a tip. But I will tip $20 on a $30 haircut.
  22. I used to have this dream about how I was trapped in a Winnie the Pooh Scuba suit. I sometimes still have it and freak out every time.
  23. I sometimes get frustrated by people who don’t check their e-mail as often as I do.
  24. I really enjoy Amazon Prime.
  25. I hardly talk on the phone and try to use most of my communication via e-mail and SMS.
  26. When I was 4 years old my family took a trip to Canada and I fell out of a Van in a pancake house parking lot and had to get my head wrapped up like a mummy.
  27. I really dislike having to answer peoples questions that could be resolved if they just performed a quick google search.
  28. I am never sure how long to hug someone that I am not dating.
  29. I have a huge collection of socks that I never wear.
  30. I feel pretty good about not having any negative feelings about anyone.
  31. Whenever an HBO show comes on and does the little “Awwwww” I always do it to.
  32. I get stuck on sayings every now and then. “Delta”, “Pinner” and always feel stupid when people don’t get it.
  33. My current girlfriend has played enough Abba to make me never want to hear them ever again for any reason.
  34. I was really happy to break it off with an ex via SMS. Made me feel pretty good about getting revenge on the opposite sex for all the crap they have done to me over the years. I feel bad about someone having to face that though and would like to apologize.
  35. I update twitter frequently but I always get the feeling nobody cares except when it updates on Facebook and people comment on it.
  36. Growing up my house was the most popular place to be on the street. We had Swings, Tree House, The Digging Spot, We built forts on the rockery. Sometimes I miss being the popular kid.
  37. I chopped wood for 8hrs a day for 3 days in a row for the neighbors to buy a $10 marines hat when I was 11.
  38. I can’t mow the lawn because it will swell me up due to allergies.
  39. I am allergic to most pets. Cats at the highly allergic end. I am allergic to most dogs as well. But I like dogs.
  40. I caught Mono in the 8th grade and missed 2.5 months of school. I almost failed the 8th grade.
  41. I failed Spanish II on purpose because I really didn’t want to take that class.
  42. My favorite soda is sprite.
  43. People who text in movie theaters are probably some of the most annoying human beings alive.
  44. I always enjoy being around people. I am not much of a fan of being alone except when I am feeling burnt out.
  45. I have never really traveled that much.
  46. I always put the peanut butter and the jelly on the same side of the bread then add the dry side on top of the middle. I developed this habit to annoy the crap out of my ex girlfriend. It doesn’t seem to annoy anybody now.
  47. I save everything. Every chat, e-mail everything.
  48. I am really good at playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
  49. The sexiest part of a woman tends to be their legs.
  50. I am honestly shocked I came up with this many things. That I wanted to write something cliche about how I am shocked I came up with this many.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. If you come up with 50 things let me know in the comments and post a link to your 50 things.

Post #995 – Divided by 5 is 199

Man post #995 seems like I am close to a milestone. I have been getting some flack for not putting as much effort into the blog as I used have in the past. There are a few reasons to that. It used to be rather interesting to post all of my dating experiences. The women that crossed my paths and those stories. One of the greater relics of the past was the post where a girl at worked baked me some cookies. Things like that would just be interesting. But being in a steady relationship you don’t get as many stories.

Last weekend. Went to a fall party, made some scarecrows, carved a pumpkin sat around a campfire, went to a wal-mart and picked up a Blu Ray.

I could write all about that but you know it wasn’t incredibly interesting to me so I just assume it would not be interesting to anyone reading. When I started this blog I was 20 years old in Indiana in a relationship I hated. Mainly because I was in Indiana and just different paths. The blogs back then were short little things about how I was screwed. 2004 was an election year and I really didn’t date much at all and that was just a journey through life a bit. 2005 I got a bit more into dating and just seemed all about fun. 2006 was career year in may and 2007 was still dating but long commute every day. 2008 has been my current girlfriend and work. Girlfriend is not work but actual work… you know what I mean.

But I find that at this point every day is the same. I wake up at 6:29 to hit the snooze button to sleep until 6:36. Get up shower get dressed carpool with the girlfriend. Walk to the bus stop. Ride the bus listening to the iPod. Get off walk the 4 blocks to work. Work by 8am until 5pm. Walk to the bus. Go home take care of necessary chores. Find dinner. Run any errands that are necessary. In bed by 10.

It repeats everyday with some variation as necessary. I am 25 now and have what another 40 years of this. It seems that my brain is having a hard time adjusting to the mundane. I am not sure if it’s just lack of free time that I am lacking or just this meh feeling.

So I would like to get back into the blogging realm but just lack of time seems to reduce my desire. Plus the fact that I am on the computer all day long working I get home and really have no desire to go grab my laptop. Writing a blog on the iPhone is possible but still I really don’t have the desire to do so. Kinda seems like a waste to just burn posts up to 1000.

1000 posts is coming up what would like to see for such an event?

Post #978 – Say What?

Hey readers! I have been rather slack on updating the blog and because of this readership and hits have gone down. Which is understandable so I am going to work on being a better poster. Pretty much every personal blog that I have ever seen does this every now and then. I used to have aspirations to be a professional blogger. But I didn’t really have the market. Most professional bloggers seem to be well connected in the industry or be females. Being female and having boobs seems to be the number one factor in getting readers. You will instantly attract a great deal of men leaving stupid comments in the hopes that they might be the lucky one that will get to see you naked. But odds are they will meet some other dude who knows very little about their digital life and therefor will not brag about how they got to nail such a female blogger. But as with all my blogs we have found ourself on another tangent. Odd but you would think I am somewhat bitter when I could really care less.

I am writing this at 12:43am Sunday May 25th 2008. When it just so happens that I turned 25 on May 20th. It sometimes has been brought to my attention that 1/3 of my life is now over. Which can be a bit daunting to some. I have never been a real fan of birthdays. For some reason I find myself setting lower and lower expectations every year and find myself getting shafted by things not even making those expectations. Lets see last year I had a dinner at the casino buffet and got some coin and a Wok Accessory Kit. A few days later for another dinner I got ditched at a restaurant by my now current girlfriend. But at least one of those things worked out in the end.

I have been told by some that I have a witty style for writing and that most things I say take a turn on the blunt side and come around for an interesting bit of comedy. But for some reason lately I have been feeling a little down about myself. I would really like to get going back to the gym again. But now with my friends being scattered all around the area I find myself facing the wall of working out solo. Which has never really been my ideal situation. I would prefer to push myself harder and generally require a spotter and like someone that has the same workout ethic that I do. I miss going 5 days a week.

So I am sitting here at my computer desk and I look over at my other monitor stand and see a $1 bill in a wooden custom built frame. That was the first dollar I had ever made working on computers. I fixed a guys computer that was running mega slow. Deleted a whole bunch of software. Ran a virus scan and fixed all his shortcuts since they were all copies of copies. I made $51 dollars for that and that $1 is still in a frame to remind me that it all started from $1.

But it’s rather late and the comedy is just not flowing this evening. I don’t have anything witty to say at the moment. I miss updating the world on myself. You come here to read about me and what’s new. Do you have anything you would like to know? What aspect of my site keeps you coming back hoping for an update? I would really like to know.

Much Happiness and Love to All the Readers. I will be talking to you all soon.
-Tristan Pipo

A Fool in Love

What Face Today?

First a Random Picture I enjoyed

I get a great deal of IM’s and e-mails with people just asking how I am doing since I haven’t really taken the time to write anything worthwhile. It’s not that I forget about my blog but it’s just I find myself being tired and not really thinking of anything to update it with. Things happen but it’s just like it takes time to come up with something.

Like that is one reason I don’t like myspace it takes to much time. I went through and purged the friends list down to 110. I pretty much cleaned up the profile and so forth. The thing I don’t like about it to find out what anyone is doing I have to go clicking through profiles filled with shit to see that Oh you got a new kitty cat. Whatever cats are annoying. They make me sneeze and my tolerance for them is usually on the low end. But if I am taking pills I can deal with them.

Me and Raleigh have been doing incredibly well. We are around the 5 month mark and I am constantly amazed that I found someone that I can connect with. I really dig the couple thing. It’s nice having someone to bounce ideas off and just someone you can truly be yourself with.

We went as matching penguins for Halloween. Since Raleigh has a camera there seem to be a great deal of pictures being taken. My only complaint about the amazing costumes my mom made was that they forced you to walk like a penguin and going from my long strides to short ones put a cramp on my style.

The work holiday party is coming up at the end of the month. Went to the Men’s Warehouse picked up a suit and the whole deal. I am not really a fan of spending money at all and that was a bit of a sticker shock when that total came up. But I will be looking rather sharp and that should be a great deal of fun.

So other then work and just doing my normal routine.

Monday – Boys Night
Tuesday – Chill / Laundry Night
Wednesday- Take Mom to Dinner Keep her Company Night?
Thursday – Clean House / Chill
Friday – Picking up Raleigh and Whatever Night

Not much else going on. Hope everything is well with everyone else.