Updates of the Misc & Shoot Em Up Review

Been a while since I have provided any kind of real update so here is a real update.

I have been working on typing up last weekends post for labor day. It’s going to be my first coauthored blog with Raleigh. So we shall see how that goes. Seems like I have just been studying and working lately. I thought I would have been done studying when I finished college.

I update twitter at least daily if not more since they send me a text message saying I haven’t updated. Tonight I am going to have dinner with Raleigh and her Mom. Not sure what else I am doing. Last night I went to go see Shoot Em Up. This movie is just over the top hilarious. If I hadn’t have read the reviews and not expecting what the film was all about I would have probably hated it. But it turned out to be incredibly amazing. It was laugh out loud funny but you felt kinda sick and twisted for laughing at a guy falling into helicopter blades.

So I say go check out a Matinee. Not a good date film. It’s just way over the top so expect that if you go see it. I give it the Tristan Approval. If you don’t know this type of over the top cheesy action genre you will not like this film. If you approach it with this is meant to entertain you will enjoy it. Great deal of violence. All the women in the movie are working girls so expect a sexist viewpoint.

I give it a 7 out of 10.

The Simpsons Movie – Review

The Simpsons Movie Logo - Review by Tristan Pipo

On an interesting note the Simpsonized post I made has received over 10,000 hits.

So last Friday night I picked up the girlfriend at the ferry dock and we went to go see the Simpsons movie. We went to the 9:40 showing. I was expecting a packed theater but there were plenty of seats available. Even with Stadium seating I always feel like I am blocking the persons view behind me. I prefer later showings of movies because there is usually less people and no kids to ruin the experience. If you bring your little child to movies and they start crying. Get the hell out of the theater. They invented Beta and VCR to babysit your kids at home. I paid $9+ to get away from such noise.

So onto the movie. The movie opens up with an Itchy and Scratchy Cartoon with this playing we get an eventual pan out and we have homer saying “This is such crap, Why are we paying to watch a movie of something we get to watch on TV for free” this pretty much setup the whole movie as a complete riot.

So the first few trailers of the Simpsons offered nothing at all about what the movie was about or what to expect other then casual Simpsons jokes. But the final trailer which I have provided for you in low quality YouTube style.

This trailer was rather interesting and gave a few little hints at plot lines. So the premise of the movie begins in Church and has Grandpa simpson going crazy. Which is normal for old people in the Simpsons and this pretty much setup the entire movie.The movie is exactly what you would expect from a Simpsons movie. Classic Simpsons action on a huge screen with the jokes that make a movie funny. I enjoyed way more then the potential of Rush Hour 3. I get rather tired of all those pointless jokes black people have about race. But I can see where that movie would be funny to 16 year olds or people that have that same IQ score.So the movie is just one laugh after another in classic Simpsons fashion. When the credits were scrolling they every writer from the series scrolling past. I had never seen so many writers on a movie. But they came up with something. The hint at a sequel or the joke about sequel was interesting. They are on what Season 18 of the Simpsons and a movie finally comes out. Will we see season 36 of the Simpsons before we get another movie? I doubt it. But I highly recommend Simpsons The Movie to anyone who has grown up with the Simpsons.

The animation is done well. It’s Funny. It flows along nicely. I give it 9 out of 10. Just a flat nine.

Today is Tuesday I am going to go pick up 300 on HD DVD and have a good night.

And Now to Waste your Time…Harry Potter

Here is a list of things that could easily kill Harry Potter.

  • Darth Vader – A Lightsaber and the Force is no match for a kid. Darth Vader could go around being everyones father. A robot human dad with the force. Sorry Harry Potter you lose.
  • Godzilla – One stomp or chomp that will be the end of Harry.
  • Dennis the Menace – Slingshot of a rock to the face would pretty much kill anyone.
  • Batman – A bat grenade and the bat mobile could easily take Harry Potter. Plus Batman always gets hotter chicks. Batman has to deal with villainy far more frequently. Harry gets it once a year.
  •  Superman – Only one thing can kill superman. Harry doesn’t have any of that. Superman could take him out so fast Hermoine would be crying. Ron would be like oh Harry I am so sad your dead. Now I can get some attention you bastard.
  • Eric Cartman – Do I need to explain why Harry Potter would lose?
  • Junniper – Even though she has a crush on him I am sure she could kill a fictional character if she desired. It’s rather simple. In an epic battle Junniper slashed Harry Potter in the liver and she became the richest blogger in the world and bought Tristan a Yacht and gave him $12 million dollars to make odd references to her frequently in his blog.

So people are wanting an update of the weekend because somehow they like to live through me. So I am working on that. One aspect of the weekend was that I was told I should write Sitcoms or become a movie critic. I am super anal about movies and put most of them down and frequently. Maybe I should start a movie review  site. Then get famous and movie companies could try and buy me off and then I wouldn’t need to mooch of Junniper to get a Yacht. Not that I really need a Yacht but it’s a fun word to type and say.

Hopefully everyones week got off to a smooth start. Mine has been as rough as my face after I haven’t shaved for a week.


Simpsonized Myself

Well in case you didn’t already know the Simpsons Movie comes out 7-27-07. I am rather excited to see this movie but cannot really explain why. But the SimpsonsMovie website http://www.simpsonsmovie.com has had some cool games. They also have a section to turn yourself into a Simpsons Character.

Here are my results.

Tristan Pipo as a Simpsons Character

You can click on it for a happy effect to make it bigger without navigating away from this page. Happy Friday Everyone. Should be a good weekend as far as I can tell.

Office Space

Do you work in an office? Have you seen the film Office Space. You should check out it’s trailer.

It’s the dramatic suspense filled movie for all 90mins. I was on the edge of my seat the entire film. If you haven’t seen it well. I think that the TristanPipo.com Ninja Force will be coming around shortly to vaporize you.

Eyeball Inspection with Other Things

Hey Everyone! Comments are down was wondering how everyone has been. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Lets see what did I do. Oh I recall Friday had a few beers on Friday and then went home and went to my friend Nick’s house. It was also Jason’s Birthday since my comment didn’t post to your myspace here is my thoughts on the matter.

Jason's Happy Birthday Cake

But watched the Departed again. I really love that film. I had to go see it in the theater in the solo fashion. But Nick’s mom was watching it with us. I must say that she doesn’t handle swearing or violence in films that well. I don’t really understand that fact it’s never really been a bother to me. Then we kicked back and watched some Red Dwarf and hung out.

I called Ollie on Friday night and I figured the best way to settle the issue was to be the bigger person and here is the summary of my voicemail. “A lot of bullshit seemed to happen. I don’t see us ever in agreement about this issue. I am going to let the past be the past and be an adult and move forward. Let Bigons be Bigons we have a long history and I hope we both can accept that and move along.” Didn’t get a call back but he went to Jason’s Dinner on Saturday night and all was good again.

But Saturday morning I had to get up and go to the Eye Doctor. I hadn’t been in 3 years and my glasses are in horrible condition. One nose piece is missing. The other doesn’t have the soft padding so it tears up the right side of my nose. They are all bent to hell and don’t fit at all. So I went to the Eye Doctor and my eyes are a little worse. But nothing major but time for new lenses anyways. I picked out a nice pair of the FLEXON frames they are cool as hell you can bend them as you wish and they weigh nothing and I got the scratch coating and the glare coating. Then I had to go back in and the doctor put this yellow goop in my eyes that made me have like lazy eyes. She did some thing looking into them. It would seem that there is something wrong with my right eye that she wasn’t really clear on. She wanted to check it when my glasses arrived to see if it was just some odd thing.

To be honest I have been a little worried about it. Usually I am not one to worry but I have been pondering over the past few days what it would be like not being able to see. But just a thought I had been pondering.

Me and the KGB Mafia Man decided to part ways because of our beliefs. Which I am not really clear on but life takes it’s own paths and might as well enjoy the journey.  Not sure what I am going to do with fromseattlewithlove.com

But Saturday went to get some Pho with Jason and we kinda just putzed around all day. Ran into Hans and Daniel at Chungs and me and Hans talked about Windows Vista and probably made Danile and Jason want to rip their skulls out and beat us to death with them. But that didn’t happen.

I think I have found the phone I am going to be using for the next 2 years. The Motorola Q. Craig has one and they seem interesting. T-Mobile offered me the T-Mobile Dash for $149 instead of $199.

Sunday went and hung out with The Mick and we saw Ghost Rider. That movie was just blah. I really don’t recommend it.  I did find one part slightly amusing Eva Mendes.

Eva Mendes from Ghost Rider

She was wearing the same ever so cleavage revealing top in the movie. That that I was complaining it gave the movie some value. But it was always the same top but either a different color or a different jacket over it.  Other then that Nicholas Cage didn’t really make the film for me. I just couldn’t find one great thing to say other then nice cleavage. So I will give this film a rating of 17 out of 348 total possible score.

But anyways it’s Monday I am not really with it yet.  Need to get my brain back into thinking mode. Talk to you soon.

That Dead Guy Just Looked at Me

Thought I would take the time to reveal and review. So lets start with the most recent and work backwards.

Sunday – Me and the SoThisIsRock.com guys have been working on Podcast after Podcast and have so many in the works that it’s pretty cool. They are 15-20 min shows and we focus mainly on the bands and it’s really awesome stuff. We are testing a new system so if you could call into (206) 973-7886 and say “You Are Listening to So This Is Rock (dot) com” We will love you for it and send you virtual cookies. We have plenty of males that have called in but need to mix it up. So Ladies Don’t be shy. Hit up the Voicemail!

Saturday– Ummm Well took a lazy day. Got my haircut (wait that was Sunday) So I got a haircut because well I went from Tristan to Hippie and was told I was looking like a Lion in the back. I gave up on shaving for a while and was looking rather pathetic. It was kinda nice. I wasn’t getting carded for anything and people would avoid sitting next to me on the Bus. Shaved and got a haircut I am people friendly again. Curses. =p.

I Picked up the DVD Thank You For Smoking. This was probably one of the golden gems that flew under most people’s radar. I love this film. It’s funny and speaks a great message. I enjoyed laughing and getting a tour through the underworld. The characters are great. I love the Merchants of Death. Maria Bello what a beautiful woman. She was also in World Trade Center didn’t look as attractive in that film. But I don’t know I guess there is something to the older woman. I would recommend.

After having some pizza with the KGB went to Nick’s Band Practice where they were recording a video. It was an experience hearing them redo the covers they do over and over but doing it in front of a camera and doing it 2-3 times. So I wouldn’t get to hear their cover just once. But up to 3 times. After that we went to go sing some tunes at the Sian Palace. Good Times.


Friday was the 13th and I think the world took some crazy pills and I was rather stressed all day long and I came home and went to bed. Or Did I? hmmmmm. Should I reveal the dealings of the afternoon. Nah Move Along. So rewind.

Previous Sunday – This was really interesting went to go check out the Bodies Exhibit. I went with a fairly large group and there was a huge line to get into this event. They were charging $24.99 a head.
So lets take a look at the guest list.

Nick– Nick is one of my good friends. He is a great guy. Plays Guitar in a band and dwells in the Real Estate Realm.
Audrey– Audrey is beautiful and amazing. She is dating the Nick. She works in a flower shop making the world feel better and smell beautiful.
Garrett– Garrett is a drummer from the source of drumming. Great guy. Band Practice is always at his parents house who are kind enough to deal with the noise. Although they play in a barn away from the house they rock. He works in a Music shop and teaches drums for a living.
Gerene– Is the beautiful woman that is always with the other G Man. She is beautiful and works for a company that does something with money.
Justin– Is Nick’s Brother. He does construction and he is funny and always a delight to be around. Though he did try to steal a girl I was interested in. But that is old news.
Abby– Abby is Garrett’s Brother and Justins Girlfriend. She cleans houses for a living and is going to school. She is cool in my book.
So anyways we arrive in Seattle and check out Pike Place Market. I spend 5 days a week in Seattle at work already and take the ferry everyday so it was odd coming over here on my day off. I want to move over to this side of the water but still not live in Seattle. So on this adventure I was feeling a bit like a 7th wheel so I called the only female I thought would be into this kinda thing. The wonder well I believe she goes by the alias of “R” on here. Went to voice mail. I got an e-mail a few days later.
I tend to view e-mail on this sorta thing that goes along the lines. “I don’t really want to hear your end of the conversation. I just want you to read what I have to say” I know I will get some feedback saying how this is not true and I am interested to read it. =) I guess I am just a vocal phone guy. E-mail is something I do all day long anyways rather just speak to a human being. But I like that kind of connection since it’s a lot easier then drafting an e-mail till the end of time.
So onto the bodies. There has been a great deal of banter about how they use only Asians. I am not going to make that an issue. They are dead, They are hear for science, It was very interesting to see and enjoy this museum. Seeing all the parts of the body and learning how they work and what they do. Like I think my favorite part of the whole thing was seeing the veins of the body. This was a mind fuck of how did they get those out of the body. But the reading on the wall shows that they used. Some sort of hardening substance and filled the veins with. Then they used Acid to melt away the rest of the body for an amazing result. I was totally overwhelmed by the entire experience and walked out feeling like that we are all human beings. We are all the same in some way. Personality and character makes us different.
The only part that seemed to bother people was the fetus exhibit. It was interesting to see human growth. Now being a person who is pro choice. Abortion is a subject that I feel well it’s a good thing. If someone wants to do that awesome. If they don’t for religious reasons well don’t get me started on religion. Being your resident atheist I personally think it’s all bullshit. But if that’s your thing not me to tell you otherwise. Just don’t force your thoughts on me and I will respect you and do the same.
So afterwards we had to run for the ferry and we missed it by maybe 3 minutes so we went to Ivars and had some Clam Chowder which is like the best in the world from Ivars. So go check out the Bodies Exhibit. When it gets to your town.

Saturday –

Saturday well nothing really happened. Well nothing that I can recall sitting here at 5pm Monday at the Ferry Terminal. Err Wait! So I went to go see The Departed. Starring Mr Jack and Leonardo DiCaprio. Overall the movie was amazing. It was a remake of the 2002 film Hong Kong Crime drama infernal affairs. I think overall it was a great remake of the original film. But brilliant movie I totally recommend. So far it has my vote for best movie of 2006. May not win any awards but go check it out. Pay the full price. So if you only see one film this year. Go see The Departed. Other then That I would suggest that is all for this post.

iPod Video and TV Shows

Apple iTunesThought I would try to pay some bills. But I recently just got a Video iPod and wanted to get some TV shows for my viewing pleasure on the plane and I got a new episode of CSI and then my friend told me about Heroes.

I started to watch the first episode and got totally addicted. This is a really cool show and plus it’s on my iPod and laptop what could be better. But it’s $1.99 an episode and so far I have been up on the first two weeks and all I can say I finally found a TV show that I actually enjoy. No commercials and just that one click joy is amazing.

But if you want to check it out feel free. If you have iTunes and click on that I make 5% of whatever you purchase so 5cents a song and 10cents for a movie. But so far it’s the only show I found worth watching. Well other then The Daily Show, Entourage, Soprano’s and the Simpsons on DVD. CSI is tolerable at times.

Also for the Sci Fi People in the world. Thought I would throw this out there for Nick and Jon. Enjoy.

Apple iTunes

Post #594 – The Podcast and The Test

Well here is some of the nitty gritty have to know info on the down low. Well me and Mike have been working on some pretty damn cool stuff. Which I will put a preview of one such creation in the next podcast. The next podcast I would like to do is the Feedback Podcast where I take all the feedback I have been collecting over the past few podcasts and respond to it.

So if you have anything you would like to say hit up the e-mail, voicemail, or IM and I will be sure to get it into the notes and respond to it. If you do the voicemail that would be awesome love audio comments. If you think I suck feel free to tell me I would love to hear something negative other then some issues with audio quality I am well aware of.

On a Podcast sidenote I will admit this in public that the Elite Stranger Interview I have their answers but I can’t find the audio with the questions. So I have half an interview and I really don’t want to flub the rest. So if Craig is reading this feel free to come kick my ass and we will go have a beer and laugh about how I fucked up.

So anyways back to the feedback cast. I would have recorded this as a podcast on my drive home but I left the Mic on my desk. But on another side note with the release of Episode II it has caused me to be at 46% of my bandwidth that I am allowed per month and it’s only the 6th. I love this! Thank You for making this such a cool thing to do.

On another note I have been looking into a new blogging solution because of some of the limits with the Blogger Engine and API it limits me in some of the things I have been wanting to do. Mainly a few things I would like to have are tagging posts with a catergory. So lets say if you just want to read about how I never go on dates or what girls I have dated and how they are crazy there will be a catergory called Romance under a Catergory of Personal. Something like that 😉 I have been in contact with the Blogger people to see what they can do and we will see where that goes.

I have also signed up with the new site 30Boxes.com you can run a search for my e-mail tristan@tristanpipo.com and add me as a buddy. It has lots of cool stuff and basically is an online calendar with a social website aka MySpace attached. Love it. I Invited of few of the Blogger Friends.

So anyways Feedback! I want your Feedback! I want to know what you think or any questions you may have that you have thought about from listening to the Podcasts or reading the blog if you wish. I want to hear the Negative, I want to Hear the positive. Call it in (206) 973-7886 and I promise you will be on the show. (Time Permitting Of Course. I don’t want to run 1hr 6mins again unless necessary) All e-mails will be read or responded to. If you have a question for one of my Co-Hosts feel free to call in and e-mail and I will get them on the show.

There has been one piece of feedback I have been getting more then the others. Which I will address on the podcast. And we are going to be trying something new with another project I am involved with I will get on a future show. I have let a few test subjects in on this. They have found it to be rather funny. I have been told “It takes you to a new level. It will be hard to match” Well I don’t think it is all that but it is pretty damn good if I may say so myself.

Again if you think you have what it takes to be a cohost on a future show. Shoot me an e-mail! Tristan@TristanPipo.com

Also Make someone smile today. You never know where it may go. I am better at making people laugh. But smiles are always attached to that. It’s like a double freaking Whammy of Joy!

Hmm something Personal… What to write…. Okay here is a bit of news. I won some tickets to the Seattle Symphony for June they are really good seats and I have two tickets. If a local lady is looking to get dressed up for a night at the Symphony I got a free ticket if you want to go. It’s an Alfred Hitchcock deal where they will be playing all the music from all of his movies with a screen behind them I am told. Should be pretty damn cool if you are into movie scores and classical music. Maybe I should have a contest for this. Ahh that’s probably a bit much. I am sure the KGB Mafia Man will come on here with a comment offering his Sage Advice. He’s one of the few people that has no problem calling me a dumb ass to my face. He has my total respect for that.

Happy Blogging and Hunting. This is the Tristan of the Pipolo Saying Have a Good One. And Smoke me a Kipper I will be Back for Breakfast.

(After doing all that I have noticed my mind was on this odd voyage of random thought. Have to love a blog.)