Goals for 2009

So I thought I might take the time to jot down a few goals I had for 2009. I don’t like the idea of resolutions because I don’t know they all seem to be broken somehow and most people just say them for a conversation started. So I wanted to get my goals down to make sense of things.

Wikipedia had a nice list of New Years Resolutions.

So lets start with mine.

  • Pay off Credit Card Debt – I have about 2,000 left to pay off. I can do this.
  • Pay off Car Loan – This should be done in May so it’s a bit of a given.
  • Buy a new car. I need to dump mine for something better.
  • I would like to break a 10k gamerscore on XBOX Live. Currently sitting at 8410.
  • I would like to learn a new skill. 2008 I wanted to be a better Grillmaster. I think I have gotten pretty good at the BBQ action. Not really sure what I would like to learn.
  • I would like to obtain a new certification. Perhaps a CCNA or RHCE.
  • I would like to lose weight and build more self esteem.
  • Blog more.
  • I would like to be a better boyfriend, brother and son.

I think that is a good list to go with. I think I can do every single one of those. I will need to come up with a new skill to learn. Anyone have any ideas? What was something that you learned to change your life? I thought maybe taking a human psychology class might be worthwhile. Understand people a little better.

I hope everyone had a great new years and hopefully I still have some readers on this thing. I on the other hand must get back to work.