So Obama won the presidential election. I must pass along my congrats to the everyone that voted for him. I decided that it was time for a song. So please enjoy the following tune inspired by the election and Team America. EDIT:Due to Internet Explorer being a piece of shit i disabled the “America Fuck […]

September 30th 2007 – Women hit by Train After Wheelchair gets Stuck So this one had me laughing on the inside. Some woman in her wheelchair trying to cross the train tracks gets stuck and gets hit by train. Now this had me wondering a few things. How long was she stuck for that nobody […]

It’s always nice to start off a blog post with something that looks sexy. Gets peoples attention so that they might want to read more. It’s been a long week. I am excited for work to be over. The cool weather is here and sanity is returning. Though somehow this summer seemed a great deal […]

I am sure that this video has been passed around enough. But here it goes again America’s youth failing. I love those US Americans. See these are the people that will be voting in the next election. You get morons like this. Why the fuck did this idiot start talking about education in South Africa […]

Well lets take a look at what the media is trying to do to me. I have received this news bit 19 times now. Figured might as well write a blog about the whole thing since people seem to be warning me. Here are the links for those that care about such things. FBI Looking […]