So last night I was having dinner with my mom and she wanted to drag me to Wal-Mart to offer advice on getting gifts for people. Personally I have gotten everything done and now just in the process of checking tracking numbers. I must say out of FedEX, DHL, UPS and USPS the USPS tracking […]

So Super Mario Galaxy was unleashed upon the world yesterday. There were some mixed things that I heard about the release date. Most smaller shops were¬† getting it today (Tuesday) where Wal-Mart had it yesterday on the 12th. Not being a fan of being jerked around I went to Wal-Mart and picked it up. Buying […]

So I have had this game for a little over a week. This is the first coop purchase that me and Raleigh have made. I picked up the game for the XBOX 360. The guitar looks pretty freaking sweet with my XBOX 360 Elite. I’ve played through Easy and have 2 songs left on Medium. […]

In the good old days of the 80’s the Nintendo Entertainment System came out and we all go to be whisked away to the Magic Kingdom where this plumber who got flushed down a toilet gets to rescue a princess that he has never met from an evil dinosaur named King Koopa or Bowser. But […]

Where did the weekend go? Well of course I am going to tell the world about the weekend. Due to a bit of a technical most of my site didn’t load. It was brought to my attention on Friday though I thought it was just a fluke so I thought nothing of it. Then more […]

Man I wish I wish that this post had something related to that in it. But sadly it does not. So last night I was taking some time out to watch TV. TBS had some Everybody Loves Raymond. Which seems like it would appeal to a certain market of people. But not really to me […]

If anyone out there has a Nintendo Wii my Wii Number is 5651-4193-4958-5574 So add me and let me know who you are and then my Mii’s will wander to your Wii’s and we we can send each other photos and play the online games when the come out. It will be swell! Anyways onto […]